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Beautiful Pinks or drowned rats!!

Welcome to our new blog. We couldn’t move our original blog so here we are all shiny new!
Well whatever happened to summer? How are your pinks faring in all this wet weather? Fortunately Pinks, indeed the whole Dianthus family, are fairly robust and, except for some spotting to flower petals, the flowers are still looking good all things considered. They have certainly come through this dreadful weather better than my poor roses or lilies.

One or two flowers that have been beaten down by the exceptionally heavy rain are looking more bedraggled where they have been beaten down into the mud.
The Dianthus Rainbow Loveliness flowers look so fragile but they have put on a brave show and their perfume is so beautiful. The first flowers have now finished and there is plenty of seed to collect ready for next year’s plants so the flower stems are being cut back for a second display.

Slugs and snails have thoroughly enjoyed the damp weather and it has been a full time job keeping these pesky critturs under control however we have made a good attempt and thank heavens for those small blue pellets!

In one way the weather has been blessing as the Pinks have put on good, hydrated, growth and so the cuttings programme is under way earlier than usual.

Happy gardening!

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