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No more rain please!

Do we really need any more rain? The water tables are now so high that only a short shower is enough to make the ground sodden again. I have a poor hydrangea that I ‘sprang’ from the pot it was fast becoming root bound in laguishing in the wheelbarrow and there it has lain for the last two days. I wheeled the barrow next to the flowerbed where the hydrangea’s new home is to be and rain and hail stopped further play. The following day it poured down and now, at last, the sun is shining so I must move and plant the poor hydrangea before it has to spend yet another day in the wheelbarrow.
This dreadful weather has been an advantage to some things; the ducks love it! The primula family have also flowered floriferously thanks to the cooler, damp days. On the hillside above us and, indeed, in our garden the primroses have put on a magnificent show; the cowslips have sprung up everywhere. It has been many a long year since we have seen so many cowslips and not just on the the hillside; the railway bank down in our hamlet has some beautiful large clumps of cowslips with very long flower stems and deep yellow flowers. There are many roadside verges with a multitude of cowslips making for a cheerful journey.
Just along a short pathway we have made over the years along the field there is an abundance of wildflowers; not only primroses and cowslips but also ladies smock (Cardamine Pratensis), ground ivy with it’s beautiful dark blue flowers and forget- me-nots mixed in with dog mercury and a peep over the wall that bounds the nearby wood shows a lovely blue haze of bluebells with the odd one or two white ones mixed in. All welcome sights when walking the dog!
On a recent walk I decided to be a little more strenuous and head uphill to see if I could spot any orchid leaves, at first there was nothing to see but once I had got my eye in and noticed one I suddenly realised there were many more and I had to carefully pick my way around them. This is the early spotted or common orchid and what a glorious sight they are to see when in full flower.
Alas! the frogspawn has not developed, such a shame. We wondered if the late hard frosts we suffered in March did for the poor tadpoles. The good news is that there are some newts in the pond though so hopefully their offspring will have a better chance of coming through.
Our seed sowing programme has been late this year but once sown the seeds have not hung about in their germination rates. The morning glory have germinated well and hope they have a better chance than last year. The plants put into our own garden didn’t do at all well last year but the ones I planted in a friend’s garden were magnificent.

The early potatoes have at last been planted, admittedly later than normal but if we had risked putting them in earlier we may have lost them to rot. Rod’s favourite vegetable is also coming along well – broad beans (yuk!)These are being grown in the greenhouse in divided trays and a mouse helped itself to a few of the seeds when they were first sown.That is a big disadvantage of this wet weather- all the mice and voles have driven indoors but mouse bait and a few judiciously placed traps soon put paid to their antics.
The dreadful yellow hued oil seed rape is now rearing its flowerheads to the sun and the bees will soon be in full flow bringing back masses of nectar to make honey. Last year’s first batch came out an awful colour and we were afraid to sell it; in the jar it looked like a solid lump of lard and was most off putting but this didn’t affect its flavour!
Right now to go and plant that poor hydrangea.

Happy gardening!

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