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Ladybirds and other things

It has been a glorious autumn day today with lovely warm sunshine, almost cloudless blue skies and hardly a breath of wind. If it wasn’t for the reddening leaves on the trees and shrubs we could have believed  the clocks had turned back to summer.

There was a frost last night with the usual clear starry skies; so all was white frosting this morning which soon disappeared however I went for a walk up the hill around lunchtime and there were still pockets of whitened grass in the dips where the sun hadn’t reached.

Last autumn the ladybirds (lady bugs in USA) decided our bedroom would make a superb hibernation place to wait out winter; the wall above the window had hundreds of ladybirds in clusters; every fold of the curtains held even more and the little creatures had even got between the lining of the curtains. Come the spring it was the devil’s own job trying to extricate them and we finally had to carefully take the curtains down, carry them out of doors and shake the ladybirds free. The ones on the wall were brushed into a box to carry them outside.  Yet, strangely enough, we didn’t see many in the garden throughout summer but then as September drew on we noticed more and more ladybirds were around and they were starting to sneak into our bedroom again. We immediately closed all windows upstairs and they still managed to get in somehow. One day last week the sun was shining and the weather was almost balmy and we opened the windows –big mistake!!

Carrying something upstairs to put away I walked into our bedroom and there crawling over every wall were what appeared to be thousands of ladybirds! I was horrified as we had people due very shortly to view the house! The ladybirds gradually clustered into the areas they had taken up last winter and the people who came to view were stunned by the amount of ladybirds.

ladybirds clustered above west facing window

Ladybirds clustered

  Sorry about the photo but you can just make out the four clusters above the window up near the ceiling.



Here is a close up of one of the clusters of ladybirds!

As soon as they have gone well and truly into hibernation we shall be brushing them into a box and putting them into a frost free place to see out the winter.

What are you sharing your living space with??

A few nights ago we had a large bat flitting around the bedrooms and he took some persuading to go back outdoors, he did finally go out but at some point he came back and roosted in the dressing room, now that is fine and I wouldn’t have minded that but why did he have to leave his calling cards??

Last night I made a start on my Christmas cards; I don’t send out many hand made Christmas cards as so many of our relations don’t appreciate hand made. For those people we buy mass produced, these same people also get store bought birthday cards. It seems that if they are presented with a hand made card they immediately think we are penny pinching! These folk just don’t appreciate the time and effort that has gone into creating a hand made card or the fact that the person we make cards for is in our minds whilst we are creating.

I digress; I can so easily sidetrack myself!

I thought I would make a Christmas version of the grid card; there is a video here of how to do a grid card.

Christmas grid card

The two main images were free stamps from a craft magazine (Craft Stamper) with the “Merry Christmas” stamp coming from a set called Lamp Post by Serendipity Stamps the smaller stamps were from a very cheap set, no longer available, purchased from Lakeland. 

 I stamped the images using Stazon and coloured the background with Whispers (Sugarloaf products inc) in Royal Blue, this is a permanent dye based ink, and Brilliance pigment ink called Mineral. This is a set of three inks in one pad and I used a mix of the gold and silver.

The only difference I made whilst creating this as opposed to the one I showed on Youtube is that I masked a small border off all around the card with masking tape before masking off the grids; this, when matted, will give the impression of two layers when only one is actually used!! I think a mid blue mirri card will look good behind this grid card. 
Who else has made a start on Christmas cards??
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