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Poplar's autumn colour

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago mainly to highlight the tree’s yellow foliage but just look at that sky! If it wasn’t for the yellow leaves it could be assumed this was a summer photo. We have been lucky with the weather so far, touch wood, there have been a couple of frosty nights that blackened the begonias and dahlias, there have been some misty chilly days and a few ‘mizzly’ days. Mizzly days are when there is low cloud and very fine rain which is not good for man or beast!

Today, though, was quite mild and I even did some gardening – just tidying up you understand – but gardening nevertheless and in November. What surprises us is the amount of flowers still in the garden; the roses not only have full blooms but also buds and red new growth, the primroses and crocus have become totally confused and are in flower, the little magnolia is starting to unfurl its buds and winter flowering honeysuckle, Mahonia (Oregon grapes) and Viburnum are filling the garden with their scent. There are still bumble bees visiting the various flowers when we would expect them to be in hibernation now, the honeybees are also out and about but then that isn’t quite so unusual for them as they don’t hibernate. It was just so nice to be outdoors without being chilled to the bone or buffeted by the wind.

I promised, some while ago, to show a few more photos of the Isles of Scilly – these ones were especially to show Leslie the stone walls that enclose the fields. Stone was used in many parts of the UK to enclose fields and define boundaries because it was a cheap resource close to hand. The Cotswolds are renowned for their dry-stone walls as are some northern counties and stone walls can also be seen in Cornwall, Devon and Isles of Scilly although many walls have long since either fallen in disrepair or taken apart and the stone sold for building. These walls were then replaced with posts, stock wire and barbed wire to determine field boundaries and keep the farm stock enclosed.

Walled fields

 The fields on the Isles of Scilly are quite small, certainly would look lost against some of the huge areas farmed in America! The little dots just barely discernible in one of the fields are newly introduced sheep, wonder how the walls will fare with these creatures? Sheep can do terrible damage to a stone wall in a short time – sheep have a propensity for wanting to be anywhere but in the area they should be, they certainly believe in the philosophy that the grass is greener on the other side of the wall! Once one finds a way over a stone wall then the whole flock will try their luck and before long their little scrabbling hooves have dislodged many stones. Sheep, though, are being used along with Dartmoor ponies and cattle, to keep the heather and gorse under control on St Mary’s to encourage other wildlife a this board shows:

Carved board

Isn’t this wooden board beautiful? It is erected close to an area where cattle are being used to graze the sward to keep the scrubby growth under control and to help explain why this is being done.


Walled sunken lane


Anyway back to the stone walls! The stone walls bounding either side of this lane can clearly be seen and they support colonies of grasses and plants; I think (and only my opinion here) that the walls were covered in soil to encourage grasses and plants to grow to help key the stones together and ensure they didn’t collapse but it is lovely walking along these lanes in the dappled shade and trying to identify the plants growing amongst the stones. The birds also benefit as these walls provide some good nesting sites. Whilst we were on holiday there we encountered many a low flying swallow skimming along the road and then up and over the walls into the fields catching flying insects.

In the late 19th and well into the 20th century daffodil growing was big business in the Isles of Scilly, as the climate was milder the daffodils flowered very early and the flowers were picked and bunched to sell at the markets on the mainland, this side of the Islands income is now much depressed due to the large amounts of flowers imported from even warmer climes but fields of daffodils can still be seen and we also spotted a field of gladioli – Dame Edna Everidge of Australia fame would have been in ‘her’ element!

Daffodil field

There is no visible sign of the daffodils as yet in this field but the way it has been cultivated gives the game away! In this field the boundaries are of trees and shrubs to give extra protection to the flowers. Some of the daffodil fields are covered over in protective fleece to force even earlier flowers so that the flowering is staggered over a period of time.



Back on the mainland in Penzance we took some photos of the swing bridge that separates the main harbour from the ‘dry’ dock area with the bridge which crosses the road allowing boats to enter from the main harbour into the dry dock for repairs.

Penzance swing bridge


This the swing bridge, you can just make out the join in the road.


Swing bridge at road level


boat in dry dock on opposite side of the road


See you all soon and thanks for reading x

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10 thoughts on “This and that!

  1. billiescraftroom on said:

    Hi Lynn

    WOW stunning pictures. I love to take photos of textures and of scenes that inspire me. A lot of these pictures would work beautifully as calendars.

    Best wishes


  2. Love your photos. That tree covered lane is beautiful. Probably give me the willies on a dark and stormy night, my imagination would run rampant. Thank you for the photos of the rock walls for property boundaries you posted. I know that Fox Hunting has been stopped in your country, does anyone still ride horses through the fields jumping the stone walls? As a very impressionable teen I saw an old movie (can’t remember the name) that made me an anglophile. Watching all the people mount the horses in their riding clothes and fly like the wind over the open fields, horses leaping over the rock walls and low hedges. There may be some places here in the US for that kind of riding but mostly it is just trails and at a slow pace.

    Hope you house hunting is going well. Bet you and Rod both will be glad to see the end of wood carrying for your heating. Then you’ll no longer have the sweet smell of wood burning. Trade offs, always a trade off.

    Great post, by the way. I enjoy reading what you write and letting me in on your part of the world 🙂
    Love you- Leslie

  3. Hello Leslie! I was becoming quite concerned about you as I hadn’t seen any new blogs and no email so I thought you had dropped off the planet 🙂 Hope all is well with you.
    Fox hunting has not stopped here at all, it is supposed to be banned but who is going o police it?? The damn hunt – those people are so arrogant – was around here yesterday and there was a helicopter up following them. We have noticed a helicopter following the hunt previously and we have a feeling it is the anti hunt people and if so we are rooting for them.
    We have a lot of horse riders come up here riding.There was a jockey who used to exercise his horses and boy didn’t he go? Adam was a lovely young man but sadly committed suicide by hanging down in the barn. So very sad and what was worse was that his father found him.

    We have found some likely houses but can’t do much until we have a firm offer and we are keeping our fingers crossed that will be very soon. We have some other people who have just been in touch asking for a viewing next weekend.

    The relief from carting wood will be a good trade off against the scent of burning wood. It just worries me when Rod goes off on his own and now we both make whoever is fetching wood down from the top of the hill carry the mobile phone 🙂
    We are hoping to be able to borrow a suitable vehicle soon to get a good supply of wood in for the winter and it can’t come soon enough – the vehicle that is 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Joe’s home so my week has been trod upon, folded, spindled, and mutilated 🙂 Trying to get my work down with him home is nearly impossible. He wants to go here and go there, his nearly constant refrain is “What’s for breakfast”, followed by “What’s for lunch”, then “What’s for supper”, by the end of the day I’m about to put knots on the top of his head when he pipes up with “I want something sweet. You got any cookies?” Then after the dinner/supper he says “Let’s watch some tv” so we watch a few hours of what had been recorded while we were out. Next thing I know it is nearing midnight, he’s asleep in his chair, my paperwork is still on the table and has not been touched, thinking about going to my craft room is out of the question so I go off to bed to face the next day with the same stuff. Three days in and I’ve put him to work making the meals so I can get some work done. Yikes!!!

      I thought fox hunting had been outlawed. When I found out what it was all about, chasing down the creature then wiping its spilled blood on the face of the person that catches it….YUCK….the glamor of it kind of vanished.

      Extra prayers going up for you and Rod. Getting a firm offer on your house and for protection when out in the wilds gathering wood and getting back home safely 🙂 Every little bit helps :o)

      How sad about your jockey fellow. Lord knows, I’ve been to the brink of getting off this wild ride myself once 15 years back. Not such a good place to be when the future looks just as bleak as the present. Poor guy.

      Love to have my Joe around but his presence is not conducive in getting work done. This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving so I’m predicting that the entire week will be devoted to grocery shopping, running errands, helping him fix the work trailer, getting the food prep done, doing laundry, and getting the house cleaned. Oh, and watching tv with him. I’ll be ready to toss his butt out come the first of December, or he’ll be calling for work to get away from the B****!
      Love you – Leslie

  4. Oh Leslie I do know all about men and their stomachs 🙂 Rod has no sooner eaten one meal and he is asking what is for the next one so I tell him ‘food’, what sort of food and my reply to that is ‘edible sort’. He now doesn’t ask but does most of the cooking instead – sorted 🙂 I just can’t be doing with thinking about food from one meal to the next as it is bad enough having to shop for it.

    Oh the fox hunting is even worse than that Leslie. There are men who travel around with the hunt, usually on quads, who have terrier dogs and shovels with them so if a fox goes to earth then terrier dogs are sent to try and get them out or these men dig the fox out for the hounds to tear apart. These men used to go out the ay before the hunt and stopped up any fox earths they found to prevent the fox from getting away, as soon as the men had left I would track down all the filled in earths (usually they just stuffed wood or something similar down the hole) and I would remove it 🙂
    The amount of poor cats, including one of ours, that the hounds have killed is beyond belief but the huntsmen don’t care.
    The various governments have been under pressure to outright ban any hunting with dogs but they have failed miserably to do so, they came up with some half baked idea of partial banning and this is what is in place. The hunt are not supposed to allow a pack of hounds to chase a fox but can allow two or three hounds to do so but the police do not enforce it saying they are understaffed however anti hunt people do their level best to bring pressure.

    Don’t let it stress you too much Leslie with getting the paperwork done, you will get there but tell Joe in the nicest way possible that you do need to craft 🙂
    Have you got many family members joining you for Thanksgiving? Hope you enjoy it all.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  5. Hey Lynn,
    I was sure I had written to this post ??? maybe I was just thinking I did…. I was thinking how the walled sunken lane photo makes me think of the lord of the rings movies, The shire with froto and the other hobbits,when the wraiths (I think thats how its spelled) are hunting them when they were first leaving on their quest. Or King Arthur type movies , I’m just a hopeless romantic You know the knight in shining armor and all 🙂 Saving the beautiful damsel in distress. That would be a romantic walk with your with your brave knight 😉 EEWWW the fox hunt sounds utterly appauling, Poor little foxes. We have them around here But you don’t see them very often I’ve only seen one once in the wild, Quite a beautiful little thing too. I don’t know why people are so cruel I can see hunting for food but the hunt for just sport seems unsportsman to me since the foxes have their dens covered over and many hounds on them just seems unfair. I don’t know what I’d do if someones hound attacked my cats wouldn’t be good for them thats for sure 🙂 Hope you are faring well, we are getting ready for the holidays around here.The older kids are here for Thanksgiving and will spend Christmas elsewhere this year (first time for this). My table setting crafting is coming along slowly but getting done. If I can’t get my camera to work I am just going to do photos of my creations. I have the day off form babysitting tomorrow so I plan to get stuff done and not any housework !!!!! I will keep you posted 🙂

    Big hugs and much Love,

    • Thanks Shelly for your comments. That sunken lane is a beautiful place to walk along and when the sun is shining hotly it is lovely and shaded.
      Hate fox hunting and don’t particularly like the people who follow the hunt either – they are so arrogant and think they own the world and that everyone admires them! Hardly any of them are country people- one of the hunt masters lives in London! We have written to them several times asking them not to come close to our property and to stop the hounds from running through our gardens but we have been ignored. The excuses they dream up for continuing to hunt foxes are trivial and have no place in today’s society at all. The one thing these people never admit to is that they enjoy training dogs to attack another animal and enjoy the sight of seeing an animal being pursued until exhausted and then ripped apart – absolutely sickening.
      Dog fighting, cock fighting, bear baiting, badger baiting, otter hunting have al been banned and outlawed and quite rightly so why is fox and deer hunting still allowed?
      Must get off my soap box now! 🙂
      Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving and a more relaxed Christmas with fewer peeps to have to cater for! Rod and I enjoy thoroughly enjoy having Christmas Day to ourselves we then visit one or other of our daughters and their families on the day after Boxing Day where we all congregate and enjoy the children and have fun. Leading up to Christmas we usually see other family members as they come to visit us from various parts of the country.
      Hope that camera works soon 🙂

      Big hugs and love
      Lynn xx

  6. Jacqui Q on said:

    Hi Lynn, have just been through your blog, seems a long time since I looked at the very first entries.
    Beautiful photos, and some lovely cards. Am going to write to you about your vellum fan flowers, that’s just gorgeous. Most of all I want to say how beautiful I and some other forum ladies think your wedding album is. The stamping is perfect, (I just hope Jill doesn’t come look at your blog!!) They’re going to be SO thrilled with it, and I look forward to seeing it with wedding pics in! take care my friend, chat soon xx Jacqui

  7. Thanks for visiting Jacqui. Jill only comes here when I remind her that I have a blog!!!!
    Many thanks for your lovely comments. I have sent you the instructions for the vellum flowers.
    Lynn xx

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