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Treasure chest

KIm's treasure chest

Some months ago Leslie Bockenstette, my very good friend in America, showed us the beautiful treasure chest she had decorated. I made the comment that I couldn’t find these particular little boxes here in the UK for such good value and so Leslie bought two and parcelled them off to me. They have been languishing for a while as I couldn’t decide quite what to do with them – I’m not terribly gifted in the creative part of my brain! One I wanted to decorate for our three-year old grandson for him to store his collection of keys, he has a penchant for keys and will spend quite some time playing with keys pretending to lock/unlock doors. I finally finished his but had wrapped it before photographing it! That one I painted blue and distressed to show streaks of lighter blue, stamped his name on the front and side, found some lovely train and dumper truck buttons to adhere all around and also found some tool embellishments too.

This very girly box is for our grand-daughter, Kim, who is a very girly girl. She adores anything pink! So here is the finished item, now containing hair slides, before being wrapped. 

Top of Kim's treasure chest


End panel of Kim's treasure chest

Both end panels are the same with flower rub-ons, stamped flourishes and bling!

How are you all coping with the dreadful weather? Well we are snowed in! Two vehicles here that are covered in deep snow and can’t be moved. Our daughter and her partner came over today in their 4 x 4 to take me shopping and they could access the main farm track as tractors had compacted the snow but they couldn’t get any closer to our home which still left a 150 – 200 yard walk with an average of 1:6 incline (quite steep!) The snow is a good foot deep or more, certainly past mid calf depth; walking down isn’t too bad but feels like wading through soft sand however the walk back up heavily laden with shopping bags is not only back-breaking but extremely tiring! One very heavy shopping bag broke both handles half way up! Luckily there was nothing breakable in there. I carried the bag containing eggs and kept fingers crossed (very difficult carrying bags with fingers crossed!)I didn’t fall down as I didn’t fancy scrambled eggs at that point. It was an exhausting business and I only did the trip up with two bags once whereas our daughter did that trip several times at one point carrying a full jerrycan of fuel plus two one gallon cans!

We are so lucky with both our daughters and their partners who are generous with their affection, time and help and are very loving. There are times when we wonder how we could ever manage without them. A big thank you to Ruth and Jill who do us very proud. Oh and they have both got the most gorgeous children!

Hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Lynn x

Sad :(

Our horse, Cherry

This is a photo I took of Cherry last summer and just couldn’t get her to look at me! Sadly Cherry died on Friday. She was almost 34 years old and had come through the cold spell we have just had. Cherry had lost quite a bit of condition due to old age and we were feeding her concentrates, carrots, bread and apples four times a day. The vet had told us that she wasn’t in pain and that we weren’t being cruel to keep her going as she was still very aware and interested in what was going around her – a very curious horse. Rod went out as usual Friday morning to give her one of her feeds and found her down on the ground, she whinnied to him but just couldn’t get up, I went out to see if we could persuade up onto her hooves but we got the impression she was tired and weak. She hadn’t been down long. We immediately telephoned the vet who came out within the hour and administered the necessary injection, less than a minute later she was no more. Luckily both our daughters, who have known Cherry for 22 of their 24 years, were both visiting and were able to say their farewells to her. Cherry is now buried in our garden by the apple trees and will be missed. We keep expecting to hear her whinny wondering where her apples are. Why do we let these animals get under our skins?

Christmas Wish Lists

In my last post I wrote about our daughter’s enterprise with the children’s craft club. Here is a photo of the Christmas Wish Lists that the children made a week or two ago – these are the ones our grand-daughter, Kim, made in the craft club and are now pinned up at home with her wishes written in!

The top one is a Christmas Tree – just in case you hadn’t guessed!! – the shape was attached to a piece of card and the children had to decorate the shape. In this case Kim used squares of green paper and then added die cut Christmassy shapes to represent decorations.

I think the second one needs no introduction from me 🙂
There was a third one with a Santa shape for the children to decorate as they saw fit.
Last week  all the school children put on their Christmas play. There are several nasty flu type bugs going around the school and the headmaster wondered if the play would be able to go ahead as there were 38 children and 3 teachers absent but all the children wanted to do the play. So it went on and they did a magnificent show considering how poorly some of them were feeling.
Hoar Frost

This, believe it or not, is not snow but hoar-frost. It turned everything white for a day or two before the temperatures finally rose and melted it all away. With the sun just catching the trees it all looked very pretty.

We have had milder weather for the last few days but it seems the weather is going to turn nasty again before the end of next week – sigh! I would love it to continue mild until around March and then we could have spring 🙂 Now there is a big wish.
Hope you are all caught up with your Christmas preparations. All my handmade cards are posted, parcels that need posting have been posted and all presents are now wrapped. Just leaves a few mass-produced cards to be written (for all those people who do not appreciate hand-made!!)  and posted and I’m almost there!!
Thanks for stopping by
Lynn x

Sunshine in the snow and crafts!

Dog wood

I just couldn’t resist this photo. I looked out of the window earlier today and saw the sun shining on the Dogwood highlighting its red stems and I grabbed the camera but the batteries died. So I changed the batteries to fully charged ones – I thought – and they died so Rod picked up his camera and took the photo for me.

As you can see we haven’t got much snow; just enough to cause us problems with travelling up and down the main farm trackway. Our old transit van would certainly get down but odds are it wouldn’t be able to get back up again so if we want to be amongst human kind we have to foot slog the half mile. I don’t mind walking downhill but that uphill walk is hard going and, of course, I have to stop and admire the scenery several times, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am breathless and unfit! 

Not being able to have transport up and down the hill has meant that our grand daughter couldn’t come for her usual sleepover tonight. Kim is 5 years old and has been coming to us most Friday afternoons for the last couple of years; she crafts, especially rubber stamping, plays games on the computer, has her usual chips and poached eggs for dinner, watches a DVD and then bed. So instead of all this with her giggles and chatter we had to make do with a telephone call but we also have one of her pieces of art work on our kitchen cupboard and here it is!

Kim's art work

Now I reckon this is pretty good but then I may be biased!

Kim loves crafting and has a huge stash at home in a rather large plastic container. She loves making cards and has decided to make Christmas gifts for her favourite people by decorating large coffee jars and filling them with goodies appropriate to the person. Think Mum’s purse will come in handy there 🙂

As Kim is so keen on crafts our daughter, Ruth decided to start her own craft business aimed at introducing children of primary school age to crafting. She has spent a great deal of time and effort sourcing materials and equipment, drawing up a programme, sending out letters and making posters. As Ruth works at the same school that Kim attends the teachers and headmaster have been very supportive with the headmaster offering the use of either a classroom or the school hall. Ruth was invited to give a talk about her idea to the children and show them samples of what they could make. The short of it is that the response has been better than was expected and she has a class of around 28 children every week. The craft club is held after school every Tuesday and the children get to play wth glue, glitter, paints, chalks, etc! I help out at the craft club and it is great fun, I love seeing the marvellous creativity that the children show. Some of the younger ones need a bit of encouragement but even the are much more adventurous now. Ruth has based some of her classes on the school curriculum so for example in formal class the children were working on autumn themed lessons so we gave them piles of leaves, die cut shapes, colouring mediums and set them to work drawing and clothing trees or drawing leaves and colouring them in autumnal colours. They have made bird feeders using bundles of twigs, peanut butter and bird seed. This coming Tuesday is the last of the craft club until after the Christmas break so the children are going to decorate boxes and fill them with chocolates as gifts for their mums – wonder how many chocolates will be left in the box when it comes time to give them to mum??

Here are a few things I have been working on recently:

Christmas tree decoration

Sorry the photo isn’t brilliant! I used an egg shaped stryofoam jobbie and pinned rectangular pieces of paper folded into a triangle onto the shape. This is great for using up those papers that have been hanging around for a while; some of the papers are ones I didn’t particularly like as a whole piece but don’t look so bad on this! I saw the idea on the internet many moons ago but that used a ball shape. I no longer have the link to that site so I can’t credit the person, if anyone knows who it may have been please let me know so I can link to them and give them the credit.

Christmas cone tree

This was a large cone I brought back from the Isles of Scilly a couple of years ago so it has been sitting around drying out and becoming rather dusty until I finally did something with it!!
Lots of glue and glitter on the ends of the cone, a string of beads wrapped around it and sitting on glittered cotton wool ‘snow’. Since taking the photo the cone Christmas tree now has a gold star at the top.
Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon x

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