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Sunshine in the snow and crafts!

Dog wood

I just couldn’t resist this photo. I looked out of the window earlier today and saw the sun shining on the Dogwood highlighting its red stems and I grabbed the camera but the batteries died. So I changed the batteries to fully charged ones – I thought – and they died so Rod picked up his camera and took the photo for me.

As you can see we haven’t got much snow; just enough to cause us problems with travelling up and down the main farm trackway. Our old transit van would certainly get down but odds are it wouldn’t be able to get back up again so if we want to be amongst human kind we have to foot slog the half mile. I don’t mind walking downhill but that uphill walk is hard going and, of course, I have to stop and admire the scenery several times, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am breathless and unfit! 

Not being able to have transport up and down the hill has meant that our grand daughter couldn’t come for her usual sleepover tonight. Kim is 5 years old and has been coming to us most Friday afternoons for the last couple of years; she crafts, especially rubber stamping, plays games on the computer, has her usual chips and poached eggs for dinner, watches a DVD and then bed. So instead of all this with her giggles and chatter we had to make do with a telephone call but we also have one of her pieces of art work on our kitchen cupboard and here it is!

Kim's art work

Now I reckon this is pretty good but then I may be biased!

Kim loves crafting and has a huge stash at home in a rather large plastic container. She loves making cards and has decided to make Christmas gifts for her favourite people by decorating large coffee jars and filling them with goodies appropriate to the person. Think Mum’s purse will come in handy there 🙂

As Kim is so keen on crafts our daughter, Ruth decided to start her own craft business aimed at introducing children of primary school age to crafting. She has spent a great deal of time and effort sourcing materials and equipment, drawing up a programme, sending out letters and making posters. As Ruth works at the same school that Kim attends the teachers and headmaster have been very supportive with the headmaster offering the use of either a classroom or the school hall. Ruth was invited to give a talk about her idea to the children and show them samples of what they could make. The short of it is that the response has been better than was expected and she has a class of around 28 children every week. The craft club is held after school every Tuesday and the children get to play wth glue, glitter, paints, chalks, etc! I help out at the craft club and it is great fun, I love seeing the marvellous creativity that the children show. Some of the younger ones need a bit of encouragement but even the are much more adventurous now. Ruth has based some of her classes on the school curriculum so for example in formal class the children were working on autumn themed lessons so we gave them piles of leaves, die cut shapes, colouring mediums and set them to work drawing and clothing trees or drawing leaves and colouring them in autumnal colours. They have made bird feeders using bundles of twigs, peanut butter and bird seed. This coming Tuesday is the last of the craft club until after the Christmas break so the children are going to decorate boxes and fill them with chocolates as gifts for their mums – wonder how many chocolates will be left in the box when it comes time to give them to mum??

Here are a few things I have been working on recently:

Christmas tree decoration

Sorry the photo isn’t brilliant! I used an egg shaped stryofoam jobbie and pinned rectangular pieces of paper folded into a triangle onto the shape. This is great for using up those papers that have been hanging around for a while; some of the papers are ones I didn’t particularly like as a whole piece but don’t look so bad on this! I saw the idea on the internet many moons ago but that used a ball shape. I no longer have the link to that site so I can’t credit the person, if anyone knows who it may have been please let me know so I can link to them and give them the credit.

Christmas cone tree

This was a large cone I brought back from the Isles of Scilly a couple of years ago so it has been sitting around drying out and becoming rather dusty until I finally did something with it!!
Lots of glue and glitter on the ends of the cone, a string of beads wrapped around it and sitting on glittered cotton wool ‘snow’. Since taking the photo the cone Christmas tree now has a gold star at the top.
Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon x

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6 thoughts on “Sunshine in the snow and crafts!

  1. Shelly on said:

    Hi Lynn,
    Wow the craft clubs sounds like a fantastic program and lots of fun for all who are involved young and older alike. Sounds like we have the same problem with the small now walking grandsons Mister Levi is so very BUSY 🙂 I hardly get him out of one thing before he is into something else. But I am ever so thankful that he is a healthy boy. We had about the same amount of snow as you until tonight we are sopposed to be getting 1 to 3 more inches tonight into tomorrow Yuck!! but the kids will be loving it so I won’t complain. Happy to hear you got some of your firewood ,Our son Jordan and his wife heat their home with a woodburner and are getting their supply replenished tomorrow Weather permitting. Love the photo of the dogwood Very pretty. Where we live we don’t have any trees which is a real killer in the summer heat. We rent the lot our mobile home is on and the owners are very picky about what gets planted or built ect. so we haven’t ever planted more than some flowers. It was crazy getting the right size of storage shed and built the proper way. But we will have our home paid for in less than 2 years and can move it onto land or sell and buy something else then. Your crafty projects are very nice I remember seeing the paper covered shapes a few years back but cant remember where at,I know Stampin Up had a ball covered with flower shapes from one of their paper punches. Wow how big was the tree that the cone came from?? I had a few of them when my older boys were small I spray painted them and sprinkled them with white glitter Very festive. Nice to see your post. Take care I’m off to shower then to bed as I have the small ones early in the morning and Saturday is my only sleep in day 😦 poor me….boo-hoo lol

    Have a great weekend and Keep warm.
    Love and hugs,

    • Shelly on said:

      Hi there. just wanted to add that I like the snow falling in the dofwood header, Very Pretty.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Shelly. Oh what a shame you can’t have your lie in 🙂 I relish my lie ins.
      Dylan has learnt how to turn the DVD and video player and television on and off, as well as the tumble dryer – drives his mum mad wondering what he is up to next. Then he picks u the telephone receiver and yells ‘Hiya’ down it, so funny to see him in action but his older brother is very patient with him.
      Do hope you don’t get too much snow so it makes it difficult to get about. It is always a problem when the land or your home is rented and the landowner/landlord are so restrictive. It wll be great for you when you are free of it in two years time.
      The tree the cone came off wasn’t that big and I was lucky to find a cone on the ground; these particular conifer trees don’t grow more than about 10 feet tall but spread well and hang onto their cones for years. The trees are used mainly as shelter belts to protect the land and homes from the gales so are used quite extensively on the islands.
      I enjoy the craft club and encouraging the kids to use their imagination and creativity and they look forward to it. Some of the kids are’t allowed to do crafting at home because of the mess – can you believe it? All our children were encouraged to indulge in crafting of some sort and the mess can soo be cleaned up.
      I believe the original home of the dogwoods was America. I love them and we have several planted around the gardens. When we used to sell cut flowers then leafless stems of the dogwood for autumn/winter flowers were always added to the bouquets and in spring the new foliage is very pretty.
      Have a good weekend and stay snug
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xxx

  2. Oh my goodness!! Where to begin???

    I don’t like snow…but I do. Crazy as it sounds. I don’t like the cold that comes with it, nor how sullied it becomes after the snow plows and cars have spattered it with dirt. The quiet after it snows, the way it muffles all the regular sounds, always amazes me. The sound of snow crunching and squeaking beneath our feet . Your tree lined lane with the snow covered road is a beautiful picture. Rod did you proud.

    The art work of your granddaughter, proudly displayed, is so festive. Think that might give me the impetus to get up off my butt and put the Christmas tree up this year. You are a fantastic Gramma. Every time your Kim comes over she sees her painting displayed in the room filled with the most love – the kitchen.

    Your daughter and her teaching endeavor is exciting. What fun to be surrounded by laughing children, busy getting glue and paint all over their hands and clothing. Creating works of art. What better way to spread the souls wings, I can’t think of anything better than that. I hope the both of you enjoy many years at this work 🙂

    Love your dangling paper cone. I’ve not seen that treatment on a foam shape. I’ve seen jewel and sequin bedecked forms. I really like yours better with the paper. Simple and elegant at the same time.

    Lastly, pine cones. As they lay on the ground, so lost and forlorn, for you to give new life to them with glitter and beads and make them into Christmas trees is really touching. I love pine cones of all shapes and sizes. Dumped in a bowl as a centerpiece I never tire of looking at them.

    Yep, I think I’m ready to get the living room vacuumed and suitcases stashed in a closet instead of being in the living room. Get some furniture moved around and get the tree up. Thank you for at least stirring the Christmas spirit in this old bah humbug heart.
    Love you – Leslie

    • Glad I have inspired you Leslie 🙂 Hope you do get your tree put up this year and the suitcases stashed away – get them out of your sight as you don’t need them for a while. By the way did you find a refrigerator?

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xxxx

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