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Treasure chest

KIm's treasure chest

Some months ago Leslie Bockenstette, my very good friend in America, showed us the beautiful treasure chest she had decorated. I made the comment that I couldn’t find these particular little boxes here in the UK for such good value and so Leslie bought two and parcelled them off to me. They have been languishing for a while as I couldn’t decide quite what to do with them – I’m not terribly gifted in the creative part of my brain! One I wanted to decorate for our three-year old grandson for him to store his collection of keys, he has a penchant for keys and will spend quite some time playing with keys pretending to lock/unlock doors. I finally finished his but had wrapped it before photographing it! That one I painted blue and distressed to show streaks of lighter blue, stamped his name on the front and side, found some lovely train and dumper truck buttons to adhere all around and also found some tool embellishments too.

This very girly box is for our grand-daughter, Kim, who is a very girly girl. She adores anything pink! So here is the finished item, now containing hair slides, before being wrapped. 

Top of Kim's treasure chest


End panel of Kim's treasure chest

Both end panels are the same with flower rub-ons, stamped flourishes and bling!

How are you all coping with the dreadful weather? Well we are snowed in! Two vehicles here that are covered in deep snow and can’t be moved. Our daughter and her partner came over today in their 4 x 4 to take me shopping and they could access the main farm track as tractors had compacted the snow but they couldn’t get any closer to our home which still left a 150 – 200 yard walk with an average of 1:6 incline (quite steep!) The snow is a good foot deep or more, certainly past mid calf depth; walking down isn’t too bad but feels like wading through soft sand however the walk back up heavily laden with shopping bags is not only back-breaking but extremely tiring! One very heavy shopping bag broke both handles half way up! Luckily there was nothing breakable in there. I carried the bag containing eggs and kept fingers crossed (very difficult carrying bags with fingers crossed!)I didn’t fall down as I didn’t fancy scrambled eggs at that point. It was an exhausting business and I only did the trip up with two bags once whereas our daughter did that trip several times at one point carrying a full jerrycan of fuel plus two one gallon cans!

We are so lucky with both our daughters and their partners who are generous with their affection, time and help and are very loving. There are times when we wonder how we could ever manage without them. A big thank you to Ruth and Jill who do us very proud. Oh and they have both got the most gorgeous children!

Hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Lynn x


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10 thoughts on “Treasure chest

  1. Absolutely SPLENDID!! Your grand daughter is going to be thrilled to find treasures in her beautiful box. I’m so glad I followed through on my impulse to send those to you. Looks like you had fun with this one, making it all “girly girl”.

    Ooooh, did you get dumped on by the snow, or what? Mercy sakes alive. What a job to go shopping in the winter. Glad you made it up the steep hill without falling. Yes, you are fortunate in having such loving daughters and their partners.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family. I hope you all enjoy the day to come. By the way….when is “Boxing Day” and what is that all about?
    Love you – Leslie

    • So glad you liked the chest Leslie. I had a great deal of fun with this one and I find making things for females so much easier than for males! Find making any type of card for a male more difficult for some reason and I’m not alone there.

      We have had a lot of snow here although some areas have had even more and suffered much lower temperatures too. Will be so glad when it disappears.

      The day after Christmas Day is Boxing Day although, because Christmas is on Saturday then traditionally Boxing Day should be on Monday – you can read all about it here not many of the ‘boxes’ of tradition continue these days except for the hunt – grrrrr! Although many truly country men still go ‘rough’ shooting, that is a group of men will go out into the fields with hip flasks and guns and take the occasional pot shot at a rabbit, pheasant or pigeon but mainly to talk men’s talk and have a drink or two 🙂
      Boxing Day is also celebrated in Canada and Australia – obviously the British traditions were carried there but have died out in America. Here in the UK it means that as Christmas Day falls on Saturday then Monday being the ‘proper’ Boxing Day and Tuesday are Bank holidays so no work until Wednesday unless people book the rest of the week off and run their holidays through until New Year’s Day!

      Much love and hugs

  2. Looks lovely mum, Kim will absolutely love it.

    Your very welcome, we are always happy to help you. Lots of love xxx

  3. That’s ok, I’ve never looked at one of these blogs before, it’s good isn’t it? Xxxx

  4. Mum she will love it!!! x x x you don’t need to thank us for the help you help us out plenty in return and have done lots for us in the past too. Hope you and dad have a lovely christmas, great to see you today had missed you and so had the kids. See you on Tuesday x x x

    • I had missed you and the kiddies too so it was lovely to see you all, thanks for coming up today. I’d missed my Kimmy hugs 🙂
      Can’t wait to see what Kim will think of it.
      Have a lovely Christmas darling and see you on Tuesday xxxxxx

  5. Happy New Year my Sweet Friend. May 2011 bless you and your family with love, laughter, a secure home, enough money to spare with some to share. Love you all.

    Just had to quickly pop in and tell you that 🙂

  6. Jacqui Q on said:

    Hi Lynn, just sat and caught up with the whole of your blog, now I’ve found the new address! I knew it would be in my links somewhere!
    Have to say I shed a few tears over Cherry, reading this made me think of the emails we shared when you were telling me about her.
    Love your photos, especially the hoar frost, looks fabulous.
    Just wanted to wish you and yours a Healthy and Happy New Year, and loking forward to sharing 2011 with you xx love & hugs my friend

    • Hi Jacqui
      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading through it all!
      Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours too and more correspondence throughout 2011 🙂

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

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