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Such a long time!


I know, I know. It has been a while since I last posted and there is no real good reason for this except the state of lethargy that the dreaded flu/cold whatever has left behind. I actually didn’t have the full blown flu; my immune system is pretty good and fights off any nasties but some of the symptoms do sneak in when those little white cells are busy elsewhere. So I have had a sniffle or two, a headache to beat all headaches, a cough that seems to go on and on and is at its worst when I need to pee (sorry, sorry too much information!!), but the worst part of this lurgy is the can’t-be-bothered feeling, that lack of energy that no amount of energy drinks will cure. Still spring has arrived and is bringing much cheer with warm sunshine, although today it is cloudy and we have had the first rain in about a month, it is still relatively warmish though so can’t be bad.

The Blackthorn bushes in the hedgerows and alongside the roads are now in full white blossom, now it has been known to go much colder when the blackthorn flowers and then it is called a blackthorn winter! Oh such useless information, my brain is full of it and nothing else 🙂

As you all now know Kim has had her operation to fit grommets in her ears to drain them and had her adenoids removed. She very quickly recovered from the operation, no ear drops were required and her hearing is now back to normal. On one hand this is good news however on the other hand we had got used to telling each other secrets without Kim being able to overhear them so we will now have to master another technique and spelling is not good either as she can work that out!! Joking aside it is brilliant that she has full hearing again and her toy dog that she took into theatre with her still wears the cap, mask and bandaged paw that the theatre staff tricked him out with.

Okay enough of the drivel and onto the bit of crafting that I have done. The first item I created was after seeing a similar idea in a craft magazine (Craft Stamper). For this idea I used two sheets of “greyboard” that had been used in packs of cardstock; after much fiddling around with calculations to get the best sized ‘holes’ without too much waste I created a 12 frame with a wider band around the outside. This is what the  frame looked like before all the aluminium taping had been completed.

First frame

Wide aluminium tape which is sticky on the back and comes on release tape, available from hardware stores, was adhered to copy paper and then cut into strips as wide as the tape and put in a large embossing folder and through the Bigshot. This was then adhered to the greyboard edges using red liner tape and the corners of the aluminium tape mitred. There was plenty of overhang left to take the tape around to the back which I first covered with a sheet of decorative paper. For the dividing ‘bars’ I just used the plain aluminium tape cut to size.

aluminium completed

This tape is brilliant and embosses extremely well. Not wanting it to be the stark shininess of the aluminium tape I used alcohol inks to colour the tape; the colours of ink used were Terra Cotta, Bottle and Denim and were applied with a felted applicator. I think this colour experimentation turned out quite well, what do you think?

The insides of the frame were painted with black acrylic paint as was the 4 x 4.5 cm pieces. On semi glossy cardstock I swiped and swirled several different colours of ink pads and then cut these to fit the pieces after arranging the inked card to get the colour arrangement I liked. These were the adhered to the painted greyboard pieces and all the little squares glued into place.

Now for the finale and my glorious faux pas! What I should have done before sticking all the little squares down was to have assembled them onto a crafting mat and done the stamping instead I gave myself a lot more work and many swear words could be heard as I tried to stamp each square (I wanted an overall picture rather than individual pictures) and had to do a great deal of masking. Anyway it turned out better than anticipated, I think!

stamping completed

There is another frame being created from mountboard. I am hoping to put photos of the grandchildren in this one; as before I have embossed the aluminium tape.

mountboard frame started

The second craft item I had a go at came about after seeing kits on sale at a craft show I recently went to with daughter and grand-daughter. As we were looking at these kits I suddenly remembered I had downloaded the instructions many moons ago from this site . It is an origami technique that is very easy using squares of paper, ideal for using up paper in hand that perhaps you no longer like! I used paper from some packs that have been residing in my folders for some considerable time. Any size squares can be used but I wouldn’t recommend smaller than 3 x 3 inches unless you like fiddly 🙂

folds started

folds completed

two flowers made up



Sorry about the extra long ramblings here but thanks for reading if you stuck it to the end 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Such a long time!

  1. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!! The frame you did with your stamping left me breathless 🙂 Beautiful work you’ve done. The flower is quite amazing also. I must confess, I can’t seem to take my eyes off the stamped frame. It looks like I’m peering out your window and having a good look at your garden. Totally amazing!

    I’m so glad to hear that Kim is doing well after both of her surgeries. I had to laugh at your statement about secrets and having to find a different way of keeping them now that she can hear once again :o)

    I’m so sorry to hear about your lingering cold/flu symptoms and the lethargy that has taken hold. Maybe it is your bodies way of telling you that the bramble patch battle was more of a warring campaign than a “tidying up”. :o) I hope you get back to normal quickly. There is nothing worse than having a coughing fit that induces a bladder response 🙂 I know what you are talking about, lol.
    Love you – Leslie

    • Awwww shucks Leslie 🙂 I would have made it much easier on myself if I had thought about each step instead of ploughing on. I should have done the stamping before sticking all those little squares down! Still it didn’t turn out too bad and so glad it achieved what I was after – of looking through a window.

      Those brambles are almost finished now, it just a tidying up job rather than a full blown battle 🙂 The battling is over. There are a few overgown areas still but the birds are eyeing those up for nest building.
      I am sure we will soon be feeling much better soon, thanks Leslie
      Love and hugs
      Lynn x

  2. billiescraftroom on said:


    Sorry to hear your bugs are lingering. I highly recommend a spoon of honey and a shot of lemon juice in hot water for a sore throat/persistant cough. I have that when hayfever makes my throat feel like I’ve eaten sand sandwhiches. Hope you feel better soon.

    Your projects are amazing, what folder did you use on the embossing, its beautiful.

    Love the origami flowers too. I think I’ve seen those somewhere before but got horribly confused in the instructions. Well done for making it and the resulting ball makes all the hard work worth while.

    Its gorgeous as it is. but for extra impact how about a little spray with Perfect pearls from a mini mister 😉 unless you inked it with dye in, in which case ignore me as it would make your ink run 😉

    Yes this totally counts as a floral project for the Virtual Crafting Challenge 🙂


    Billie 🙂

  3. Dee in NH on said:

    WOW!!!! Your frame is absolutely beautiful!!! I love those flowers too!!

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