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Look what I found……

You know how it goes, your other half asks where a certain item is and you just know for sure it is lurking in that overstuffed hidey hole. How to ascertain that it is definitely there though? After all one is in danger of all sorts of injuries if that cupboard door is opened as all the contents threaten to fall out. Whenever there is the necessity to do a quick clean up because visitors are due shortly then there is always a particular cupboard or drawer that is hurriedly opened and several things are rammed or slung in and the door banged shut quickly.

Well DH asked for a certain item and I knew my luck had run out, I was just going to have to get down and dirty and clear that cupboard out. The first things to fall out was a huge bundle of various  computer cables – what the heck do we need 6 USB printer cables for? We only have one printer. There are several modem cables – why? And I couldn’t even name the many other cables I discovered. So what did I do? Threw them away as utter junk of course, erm, well actually I tidily rolled them up and stuffed them into a space in a drawer – well you never know when they might be useful!

I never did find that certain item that DH was hunting for, of course not because I remembered afterwards, while stuffing cables in the drawer, that was the hidey place for the certain item. Never mind at least the cupboard is now tidy and everything can be seen BUT what I did discover was some atcs I did years ago and had forgotten about. Here they are:

underwater ATC

Please don’t ask me at this juncture what inks, etc I used on these because I have been to sleep since making them! I do know that I used tiny little shells that we collected when on holiday in the Isles of Scilly – I only collect the very smallest shells! I also used seed beads to represent the sand and some teardrop rhinestones for fish.  The little fronds pretending to be sea weed are strands of moss.

stampbord atc

 A rectangular piece of stampbord (not a spelling mistake) was inked then stamped with a partial image and then some of the ink scraped off to create white areas. I stamped a peacock feather on a small rectangle bead and added a small length of chain and a charm.

butterfly atc

 This ATC was made with torn scraps of paper adhered to the ATC sized cardstock, some teardrop gems added, a Chinese coin and two stamped butterflies.

I went through a period of making ATCs just for the fun of it, I have swapped one or two. These three were residing in a special atc-wallet-in-a box along with a couple of others that aren’t worth photographing 🙂

Now for something a little different – you recall the framed picture I created? It is somewhere on this blog where I made the frame from aluminium tape that I embossed. Well I finally got around to finishing the other one!

photo frame
I made the frame in the same way as I made  the first one.
To put names to the photos here we go, starting at the top left corner and going across the top line: Kim (grand-daughter), Brian & Ruth (SIL & daughter), Joe (grandson) – Kim and Joe are Brian and Ruth’s children.
Bottom row starting at the left: Liam (grandson), Darren & Jill (sil & daughter), Dylan (grandson). Ruth and Jill are twins, difficult to see in the photographs here but they look very much alike apparently. I say apparently because to me they look very different and they certainly have different characters.
Hope you all haven’t fallen asleep by now!
Thanks for stopping by xx

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4 thoughts on “Look what I found……

  1. What fun you had finding treasures in your junque 🙂 drawer/cupboard. Love your ATCs, thanks for sharing them with us.

    You frame is absolutely beautiful!! Nice to see faces to go with the names. Your work is surely going to look amazing on any wall. LOVE IT 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

  2. Awwww shucks Leslie, thank you so much. I shall have to get a photo of Liam with his arm in plaster! Daddy drew a mini (car) on the plaster cast which Liam is so pleased with.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  3. Oh Lynn! Was that sleep comment just for me? lol
    Not a chance of that with your crafty goodness to look at! Lovely ATCs! I still have that on my “to do” list! So one of these days I’ll get one done! The frame is just gorgeous and then to fill it with all those lovely photos…it’s wonderful! You’ve been so productive and then a cleaned out cupboard besides! Yay for you!
    Thank you so much for sharing everything!
    Love & Prayers,
    Nancy 🙂

    • I keep meaning to create some more ATCs as they are ideal for using up all those little bits and pieces that are too nice to throw away but too small to be useful on anything larger – so why haven’t I made any more??? Erm, erm, just give me a while so I can think up a really good excuse, ahem, reason! Nope sorry can’t think of anything just now 🙂

      Thank you so much dear friend for reading all my drivel and leaving lovely comments.

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

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