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Another garden tour …

It is raining today! Now we are grateful for rain as it has been very dry in our area but we had plans for today and someone wasn’t listening; we asked for a 24 hour delay on the rain however in true British tradition down came the wet stuff on a Bank holiday Monday! Que sera, sera. 

It has given me an opportunity to catch up a little on all those jobs that are relegated to a lower position, those fiddly things to do that seem so unimportant when the weather is decent and the lawns badly mowing or the weeds need hoicking out of the ground. Today I can do a spring clean on the computer – delete the junk and file everything else properly and do a back up. Today I can write nonsensically on my blog. Today I can mess about with stamps and ink so there is something to be grateful to rain for.

Talking of messing about with ink – a couple of days ago my hands looked as those they belonged to a martian. I was using some sprays of sparkly colour to create some background papers using pieces of kitchen towel; not having a pizza type box for spraying the next best thing was the deep lid off a plastic container but the kitchen towel had to be pressed into the spray colours and voila – greeny blue hands. It has taken almost two days to rid my hands of their new colour scheme even hair washing didn’t remove the stains. There is still a faint tinge here and there, reminiscent of mould!

Enough of this nonsense! Before I do the garden tour I’d like to show you the box for the wedding album and the wedding card.

The box itself was constructed out of white card on the top of the lid I adhered a mat of both burgundy and gold pearlescent cardstock and then using two die cuts cut in half layered those on top of the cardstock – trying to keep with the wedding colour theme of ivory and burgundy. The initials started out as plain wood; these were inked up with Versamark and gold embossing powder added but that looked too flat. More Versamark was dabbed over the heated embossing powder and ultra thick embossing powder added and melted, a second coat of ultra thick ep was sprinkled over whilst still warm and more gold ep and the whole lot melted. This gave the impression of metal letters. The ampersand was printed onto plain paper, cut out an glittered with a Sakura gel pen.

wedding album box

The wedding card – well I winged that to an extent. Hadn’t a clue what to do! The silhouette is printed onto slightly glossy photo paper and adhered to the inside of the card.

wedding card

The rose is handmade with pearls glued to the centre with Glossy Accents and two beaded pins tucked in behind, the rose has been sprayed with mica to give a slight shine.

close up of rose

Now for the flowers!

Smiley faces - Pansies


more pansies


blue geranium




 Bees love the gernaiums and lupins; I just couldn’t resist this shot:

Bee on lupins



Columbines (granny's bonnets) & sweet rocket


Welsh poppy








That’s it for now folks, see y’all soon!


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11 thoughts on “Another garden tour …

  1. Shelly on said:

    HI Lynn 🙂
    Had some spare time this morning and saw your post what lovely garden photos. Very colorful. We have grass only as I dont seem to do well with my gardening endevors 😦 we dont even have a tree so we get the sun full on and it scorches every plant I have tried. All is well though simce Brian dont have to mow all around so it makes his job much easier. Now onto you wedding card Very lovely indeed. Did you use your big shot to cut the opening on the front of your card ? and was the little fan a premade embellishment or did you make tha too? Just full of questions huh? What did you use your glimmery paper for another element of the album? Ok I wll stop with the questioning…… I actually got to do some stamping the other day and made a card for Will’s teacher since he will be moving to the high school and she is retiring , She is an amazing teacheer and I will miss working with her. Maybe I can get it posted later today . Happy to hear you got the much needed rain as I would gladly send some of ours your way we still have water standing in the fields !!! We have been part of the severe weather threats that was passing through the central U.S. we have had tornado warnings and straight line wind warnings… Luckily we were spared damage but many states have just been ripped apart the past few weeks. So this year instead of trying to wait out the storms we have decided to flee our little home on wheels ( mobile home) when we get the warnings close to where we are and seek shelter in a safer place. This makes the kids all happy because of the storm that tore up our little town Oakweed a couple years back, alot of damage around us but we fared well with only a trash can we have never seen again and the patio table in the strees with chairs scattered around and the umbrella across the street.
    Nice to see your post.
    Hugs and love,

    • Hi Shelly and thanks for looking and commenting. Hope all is well with you and yours.
      I’ve heard that parts of the US have been terribly hit by tornados and floods and so happy to hear that it has missed you. I can only imagine how worrying it is for you all. Before now we have had dreadful gale force winds that have ripped the tiles off the house roof and flung them into the next field 😦 Very scary listening to that. We planted so many trees now though and that helps to deflect and slow the wind down so it doesn’t do so much damage.
      Yes I used a die cut through the BigShot to cut the opening on the card, at first I had intended to do a lattice card but changed my mind!
      On the box lid I used two glimmery papers as mats – a pearlescent gold paper and a glimmery burgundy one then I cut two dies using a label die through the BigShot again to cut out two labels using the same shimmery papers. I cut each label in half, put a burgundy red one top of the gold mat and a gold half on top of the burgundy mat and made sure they lined up. I then put the initials on with a little & (ampersand) cut out of plain printer paper and inserted that between the initials. If that hasn’t answered all of your questions come back and let me know 🙂
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  2. Jacqui Q on said:

    The box and card are both beautiful Lynn, they’re going to be SO chuffed when they receive them!.
    It’s only just stopped raining here and my lovely rose petals are now on the ground instead of the plant, oh well! it was to be expected. Only problem now is that the grass will be growing like crazy (along with the bindweed no doubt!)
    have you got your wedding oufit yet, and how about your hat?
    Lovely photos, keep it up xx

    • Oh thank you Jacqui. I think they will like them and, knowing Jilly, she will hoard them for years:)
      My beautiful rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ has masses of flowers on it and some of the branches have grown so long that they are down on the ground so the blooms are all mud spattered now 😦 I shall have to put a stake to the branches tomorrow.
      Oh no not more grass growing! It takes over 2 hours to cut all our lawns.

      No I still haven’t got a wedding outfit as I can’t make up my mind what to wear – a tent or a marquee 🙂 And definitely no hat! Hats look daft on me but Jill would like me to wear a fascinator – not sure yet:)
      Love and hugs
      Lynn x

  3. The wedding gift box is absolutely divine! All of the coats of embossing powders made the letters really stand out. Awesome job you’ve done. I’m sure you will get ooooh and aaaaahs from your daughter and others over your gift from the heart. That card is fabulous. I love what you’ve done with it. The flower is so pretty. I love the touch of pearls at the intersections of the diamonds or Harlequin shapes.

    Thank you for giving the tour of your garden. Bless my soul to see all the bright and vibrant colors. I certainly do admire all of you that can grow flowers and have such lush gardens. Almost as good as time meditating, looking at flowers and enjoying them 🙂

    I’m glad you had some time, although forced, to do some of the bothersome tasks on your computer and emails files. At least they are done and behind you and the rain has made your gardens happy 🙂

    So good to see a post on your blog, and I am home to appreciate it more without being hurried along either to bed or back on the road. I can linger over your photos longer 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you Leslie for your lovely comments. The diamond pattern was done on a scoreboard, just scored/embossed lines but I put the debossed side on the front and then rubbed an ink pad all over which highlighted the lines. I wasn’t quite sure whether I was going to have enough pearls as Kim had used quite a few, but I just had enough 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed the garden tour. One of our daughters bought us a set of coasters which reads – A Garden: A thing of beauty and a job forever! Got that right 🙂 Just as I think I have caught up with all the weeding and trimmed all the edges and everything looks good it seems that overnight there are more weeds! Think someone, somewhere doesn’t think I have enough to do 🙂

      Looking forward to see what crafty things you have been up to and see what this new crafty toy is.
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  4. Hello Lynn,
    I finally made it! Your album box is wonderful! I really like what you did with the letters…they’re perfect! They definitely look metal! The card is fantastic! You used so many wonderful techniques on it! You know I’m crazy for punches and that border punch you used is really lovely! Which one is it? Thank you so much for th egorgeous flower photos! Our garden is a little bit behind yours. Our Iris’ our coming along nicely but not blooming yet. We’ll have some Pansies and Columbine as well. Oh, and poppies…we’ll have hundreds of poppies! I’ll be sure and take pictures for you Lynn. We have some special poppies from some special seeds that my husbands Great Aunt passed on to us. Right now we have little Violets blooming and an abundance of white flowers that I don’t know the name of. They’re everywhere because a sweet old lady that used to live a couple of doors down came and sprinkled seeds everywhere when we first built our house. Maybe with my next blog post I’ll post the flowers too and you can let me know what they are. I better go have some breakfast and start my day! I hope you have a happy one! Your email is coming soon, my friend!
    Love & Prayers,
    Nancy 🙂
    ps. A fascinator would be great fun!

    • I am looking forward to seeing all your wonderful flowers Nancy and a favour to ask. Would you save me a pinch of poppy seed please? I love poppies and grow various ones, at the moment the huge perennial poppies are in flower – these are big and blowsy with coarse foliage but I like very much the daintier poppies with their fine cut leaves and dinky pepperpot seed heads. I will try and name that plant – sounds like a quiz title lol
      We have several plants given to us by friends or close family and love that their legacy lives on in our gardens so we can remember those people as we look at the flowers.
      Oh heck Nancy I can’t recall the name of the punch now – it is a Fiskars border punch that I have had for some years. Just Googled it and it is called Sunburst and is still available :).

      Many thanks for your lovely comments about my craft projects. I had too many ideas for a card and couldn’t decide at all what I wanted to do in the end lol.
      Hmmmm I will think about the fascinator – all those feathers and wobbly bits remind me of the Can-can girls 🙂 Fishnet stockings as well? LOL
      Looking forward to your email dear friend.
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

      • Okay…so I did my last post and forgot to post the flower picture for you Lynn! What a big surprise right? lol I would be happy to send you the poppy seeds…once I have some! I’m sure I have a photo of the two kinds we have. I’ll try to track it down and then email it to you along with the other photo. Must run and pop the pizza in the oven! It’s an easy meal tonight!
        Nancy 🙂

  5. Love those type of easy meals Nancy – quick and lttle washing up afterwards 🙂 It suits my sort of culinary skill.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  6. billiescraftroom on said:

    Your album and card are beautiful, well done. Love the pansy pictures too 🙂 My fave flowers pansies, as you say they always look so happy 🙂

    Best wishes

    Billie x

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