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The Wedding!

Leading up to the wedding everything had progressed smoothly and calmly until the company who were supposed to be supplying the tablecloths didn’t. These were ordered on the Monday and extra postage paid for next day delivery by Friday Jill was frantic and there were ‘words’! Luckily Darren had a friend who had a friend who came to the rescue, phew thought there was going to be an end to married life before it had started.

Jill had masses of lists for all the small jobs yet to be done, plus several lots of clothes packing to organise to cover Friday through to Sunday; the boys were going to spend Friday with Darren and his parents and overnight there, then the boys were overnighting with us Saturday whilst Jill and Darren were spending the night at a hotel then there was the clothes for a fortnight’s holiday after the wedding! Jill spent Thursday evening baking 200 cupcakes and I raided our flower beds for the church flowers.

Friday dawned bright and Jill arrived with her cupcakes, bowls for the flowers and what seemed to be the kitchen sink! The first job was to attach her sugar paste flowers to the large wedding cake with icing and while that was setting we cracked on with the flower arrangements with Rod supplying beverages. The flowers were being arranged in oasis which sat in terracotta bowls and included roses, pinks, godetia and anything else the garden could offer.

Flower arrangements for the church

 Here they are almost finished! They needed a few extra additions and tweaking once put into place in the church later on Friday.

And so onto those 200 cupcakes, half were to be iced with fudge icing and the other half with vanilla flavoured icing and these together with the fruit cake would be taken to the venue where the reception was going to be held on Saturday morning and stored in their cold storage area. What a mess we got into! Both my decrepit and aged icing bags decided to split down their seams, there was more icing on Jill’s hands and the work surfaces than on the cakes but they did look good.

Jill's handmade roses and leaves

The front space was deliberately left for the special topper


 The decorated table in the marquee. The wedding cake topper was especially made to represent Darren and Jill in their racing gear.

Cake topper

Isn’t it clever? It is made from clay so will be a lovely keepsake and you can just see one of the handmade roses Jill made peeping out!

After all this feverish activity we then drove down to the church with the flowers and popped those into place before the Curate arrived to do a rehearsal with us.

Saturday morning was as hectic as Friday! Putting up road signs for the guests who were strangers to the area, decorating the marquee, hair done, changed and get the boys into their finery and finally off to the church!

Waiting for the bride!

Liam and I waiting for the bride to appear, doesn’t he look dapper? In the background is the lady Curate (light blue jacket), she was only ordained at the beginning of July and this was her first wedding so she was as nervous as the bride and groom! Talking of the groom, Darren showed his very romantic side; first he sent a beautiful card to Jill with the most loving words (my first tears of the day!), he also left her a goody bag for Friday night containing her favourite sweeties (candy), he bought various colouring and reading books for the boys in case they got bored in church and then he ordered and had delivered a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

At the altar

The transport

The wedding transport driven by Teena and her daughter, Kelly, with Ozzy the pony.  Isn’t it lovely? Teena, Kelly and their husbands together with Sally worked so hard to decorate the phaeton and Ozzy and helped to make Jill and Darren’s day such a happy one.


with the boys and parents

We even had the resident black cat put his seal of approval on things!

black cat

presented with champagne prior to leaving the churchyard en route to the next church!

They left the small church where they were married and were going to stop at the village church as Jill wanted to put flowers on her grandparents grave.

sharing a joke

After putting the flowers onto the grave Rod realised that Jill and Darren were still clutching their glasses of champagne! Hence the merriment, Rod’s father would have thought that a good laugh.

Back into the carriage

next stop the reception

arriving at the venue for the reception

 Everyone was waiting to welcome them at the venue where the staff did an excellent job. The Royal Oak is a very old and established village watering hole. After Jill and Darren had vacated the carriage Teena offered to give some children a little drive around; Kim and Liam were two of the lucky ones. Rod had an apple ready for Ozzy as his reward!

Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake or trying to until they realised they had the knife upside down!

Ruth, Brian and Kim

Ruth, Jill’s twin sister, with her husband and daughter, Kim. Not sure where little Joe had disappeared to. Doesn’t Kim look pretty in party frock? Ruth looked beautiful and there were one or two people who didn’t recognise her, even her own dad didn’t at first!

It was a lovely, happy day and I hope you all enjoy seeing the pictures and reading my waffle 🙂


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9 thoughts on “The Wedding!

  1. YAY! Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous pictures! I’ve been waiting for them! I was sure thinking of you as you were celebrating the special day! The bride is so beautiful! You look very pretty as well! I loved hearing some of the details! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you got a chance to sit with your feet up when it was all over! 😀

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Nancy. The parents photo certaily brought home to me how I desperately need to shed some pounds:) Still the marquee fitted perfectly!
      No feet up or relaxing until Sunday evening and then we could collapse. It was a brilliant day and certainly not to be missed; Jill did a super job of organising everything but Darren did just as well with oganising the transport. First there was a BMW convertible complete with chaffeur from Darren and Jill’s home and then the pony and carriage.
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  2. Jacqui Q on said:

    A lovely “read” Lynn and beautiful photos. I’m so glad the weather was good, and everyone looks very happy and content. The boys look very handsome (the littel ones I mean) well the big ones do too!
    Congratulations to them both, and may they have many happy years together xx

    ps! still haven’t seen that fascinator!! love and hugs,Jacqui

  3. Thank you Jacqui for your kind words and I will pass your congrats along to them. Didn’t the boys look gorgeous? So dapper and they behaved very well too 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  4. Looks to have a fabulous day for everyone. I’m so glad it all worked well. The little mishaps make he day even more special for them. The table cloths are beautiful, the cupcakes look scrumptious, and no evidence on Jill’s hands of the burst piping bags 🙂

    The horse drawn carriage!! How romantic and special. How very thoughtful of Jill to remember her long past grandparents and keep them in mind on her very special day by leaving flowers at their resting places.

    The flowers from your garden are so colorful and bright. Such an abundance of bright blooms they offered for all the care you take of them 🙂 Simply beautiful. The cake topper is the BEST!!

    Thank you Lynn for sharing your family’s very special day with us. Seeing your grandsons dressed all in their finery, even seeing the much referenced Kim in her beautiful frock. Well done my friend, well done.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Have you not seen Kim before? My little princess 🙂 Even on Jill’s ‘big day’ Ruth was still mistaken for Jill by friends of Jill! Ruth said she never knows what to do in these situations – ignore the little waves and smiles or say sorry wrong one!

      Rod was very touched by Jill’s idea and thought of putting flowers on his parents grave, he said she should have poured some drink on it too – FIL would have loved that 🙂
      Thank you Leslie for your lovely comments
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  5. Lynn – I really enjoyed reading this post about the wedding…I told Leslie that her post on her blog with all of the lovely links to her friends’ blogs was a perfect “get well” gift….as I can lay in bed and read and me transported to beautiful places and great stories. Am so glad I got to make a visit here — and I look forward to reading more.

    Thank you for your kind post on my blog – wishing me well…I am trying to be a good patient…but I so badly want to be up and going…but I will be much more likely to behave now that I have some great reading material…lots of inspiration for when I can get back into the studio! Have a great rest of the weekend….


    • Leslie is a very good and generous friend and love that she put all those links on her blog so we can all touch base and catch up with one another again.
      I’m looking forward to watching your forthcoming videos on Creative Play and would love a copy of your Artists’ Pledge – I certainly need it at times:)
      Glad to hear that you are following doctor’s orders and getting plenty of rest while your body heals itself. Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

      • Hey Lynn…

        Here is my email – Please send me an email when you have a chance and I will send you a copy of the pledge. I have it in blue, green, pink, golden brown and gray….so just let me know which one you would like.

        On the magnet storage boards – so glad that your son-in-law can make them for you. It was a couple of years ago when we had them made so Royce doesn’t remember exactly what they were…but as best as I can tell – they are no thicker than 1/32 of an inch…they are 10 inches wide and 14.5 inches tall. Be sure and have him drill a hole at the top so you have a way to hang it. Have a great week…

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