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Junque Journal

First my apologies for an out of focus photograph! Like my last project, the canvas collage, I have two people to thank for inspiring me to start creating the junque journal.

Nancy showcased a journal she had created especially for a competition and I have to say that when I first saw her delightful project I had never heard of junque journals – I know I must have fallen asleep when they came about – so off I went in search of junque journals. Not only was I intrigued but these projects spoke to my soul and I knew I had to create one at least. I loved the idea of somewhere to store all those bits and pieces that we keep but have no definite place of their own; the other thing that drew me in was I could use papers, charms and other ephemera that I had collected but didn’t want to use on a card that may end up being thrown away.

Besides all the ‘usual’ craft culprits that we hoard I also hoard notebooks.. doesn’t matter if they have been used for other purposes I just rip out the used pages and keep the rest of the book with no real purpose in mind and this journal of mine was one such. It had been used by one of our daughters when they were at school and I rescued it from the rubbish where it had been consigned during one of the girls’ tidy ups.  Its original duty was as a cash book, it then became a scribble book and has been turned into a storehouse for my squirrelings!

The second person who inspired me was Billie with her virtual challenge of using paint; the covers of this book were ideal for painting and I also wanted to try, yet again, creating a crackle effect using pva glue…something I hadn’t been able to achieve to date.

too much crackle effect

I put on a base coat of raw umber acrylic paint and left it to dry thoroughly, then a coat of slightly diluted pva glue was added but before the glue dried out completely (whilst still slightly tacky) I added a top coat of dark blue acrylic paint – remembering to apply this in one loaded brush stroke at a time in the same direction. Boy oh boy did it crackle!! Huge chasms appeared but I was delighted because it actually worked and I realised what mistake I had made; the pva wasn’t quite diluted enough and was too thickly applied in places – never mind I had the back cover to experiment on and this turned out better.

finer crackles

Not only were the crackles finer but were certainly more pleasing – here I used burnt sienna as a base coat with flesh as a top coat. The mistake here was the top coat was a little too thickly applied in places but heck it pleases me and I finally got crackles, my technique just needs refining! Now this probably isn’t quite what Billie had in mind but I enjoyed slapping the paint on… the only problem was my impatience whilst waiting for the paint to dry as I wanted to get on with it all.

Following the tutorials for creating junque journals I next strongly secured the signatures – sections of folded and stitched papers – so that they didn’t tear or come adrift once the journal started to fill up. Yay I could use up some of my ribbon and I could attach some handmade charms made with that ever growing collection of beads.

ribbon and charms

I find it very difficult to use ribbon in card making; on everyone else’s cards that piece of ribbon finishes off the whole but on mine it looks like an afterthought and never seems to be part of the whole but this journal was an ideal way of using some of it up.

So what to put on the front?  A title? Now I am not an orginal thought person and so my title reflects what the journal is about….a repository for what others may deem as junk!

decorated wooden letters

Using wooden letters to create the word ‘junque’ seemed like a good idea. Some letters I applied Versamark embossing ink and then applied UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) and heated to melt; two or three coats of UTEE was used and then a final coat of gold embossing powder. To other letters a product called Stamp and Bond by Stampendous was applied over Versamark and heated until it became sticky and then foils added. Before adhering the letters to the front thread was put through two charms and the ends of the thread were glued to the back of two of the letters. Two strips of embossed aluminium tape were adhered top and bottom of the front cover but I couldn’t stop there…..

clay buttons

I had the good fortune of meeting a delightful lady who is talented at making decorative ornaments and coasters from clay; when Kate rolls the clay out she does so over a piece of lace which leaves a nice lacy effect in the clay. These buttons were made from scraps of her lacy clay and I couldn’t resist buying them and where better to use them than on my journal where I will recall her every time I look at the book. (A little aside here..if you click on the Kate link you will see her craft stall and I am directly behind her with my back turned!!!!)

So that is the outside complete and now to the inside:

inside cover

Part of the instructions in creating a junque journal is to crumple pages and ink them then add papers to some pages and finally to start assembling all the bits and pieces to go inside but that was taking too long and I was becoming impatient. I wanted to start adding ‘things’. So a few pages were inked, some papers came out that I had hoarded and then I started going through folders, file boxes and elsewhere looking for all my treasures. Where I unearthed this Rune of the Peat Fire from I know not where and it is looking a bit tattered and crumpled at the corners so its new home will stop any further deterioration.

theatre tickets

Earlier this year we had a surprise gift of tickets to see The Searchers live at a local theatre; what a great evening that was. Two of the original group (from the 60s!) were still going strong and in fine voice considering one was now 70 and the other 67!! The theatre was packed and not with just old fogies but everyone was joining in the songs and getting up and dancing! What wonderful memories these tickets will bring and the sentiment..a rub on..fitted perfectly “The Older The Fiddler, The Sweeter The Tune”!

Leslie's card

The journal is a great place for storing these lovely mementoes from dear friends; Leslie sent this card with some stamps I won and a blending pen. The saying above the card came from one of the places Leslie visited while doing her day job – “Life doesn’t have to be Perfect to be Wonderful”. On the opposite page is a pocket holding a receipt and other reminders of a wonderful stay we had at the Chateau Impney in April 2010.

hand made background paper

One of the many sheets of paper I created using a crumpled up sheet of copier paper and then inks or paints wiped over to highlight the creases. In this case I used some Twinkling H2Os on a piece of sponge and a Brilliance ink pad – Galaxy Gold with a small rub-on in the top corner.

inked pages

And, finally, inked incomplete pages. The edges of the all the pages have been inked with various colour inks and some pages have been swiped with the ink pad but nothing else as yet has been added to the pages. This is an ongoing project that I am not in a hurry to complete as I’m enjoying the journey.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post x

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8 thoughts on “Junque..

  1. I must be absolutely bonkers. Stark raving mad as a Hatter. I have been passing over on the junk journal craze going strong now. What would I do with a journal? I have asked that a number of times recently.

    You have “gone and done plum opened my eyes” to why I need just such a journal. I love yours, nay adore it.

    I will most certainly give your crackle technique a try. Looks so good on the back. Your collection of clay buttons are delightful way up at the top of the cover. You get to rub your hands over them and feel the lace print as well as see it. I love your letters on the cover also. Big, bold, and fascinating to see. 🙂

    All your jingelie charms and beads are so pretty as are the colorful ribbons you have on the spine. You have some great memories and treasures in this book. I thank you for adding my card as one of your treasures :-).

    Those concert ticket stubs will keep that night in the forefront of your mind for a long time to come. Not just yours but of all the family that attended it with you.

    Thanks for showing this to us. I love it!!! And you


    • You know Leslie whenever I heard about journals I never had much interest – art journals and such. I couldn’t relate to those at all but after I did some research on junque journals, which I hadn’t heard about until Nancy brought it to our attention, I had a light bulb moment. These types of journals suit me but why didn’t I think of this on my own?????? Not an original idea in my body! 🙂
      One aspect of the journal I like is that I have many papers, embellishments and charms that I didn’t want to use on cards and this way I can use them but still keep them LOL How mad is that?
      Hope you get to make one when you are back home again
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xxx

  2. Wow I get kicked off line for a few days and see what I missed out on, What a lovely work of art Lynn. I have to say i’m like Leslie and seen a lot of videos on the journals but thought the same what do I need a journal for???? But I do see that maybe I could give this a shot. I really like the idea that I could keep all that paper I just have to get ..then cant bring myself to cut into. Kinda a paper hoarders dream come true 🙂 You did an amazing job with yours. Great charms and Buttons!! I love my buttons 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    Much love,

  3. My first thought Shelly was to keep all those papers, charms, etc all for myself 🙂 And it can be justified by saying you are creating a work of art, only it is one you get to keep. I collect sayings too and the journal is handy for putting those in especially if they can be linked with something else that has been put in there. You could make some charms with some of your buttons, Shelly and use them to decorate your journal although I would be tempted to make neckalces and bracelets with those buttons too 🙂
    Thank you for your kind comments

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  4. billiescraftroom on said:

    Hi Lynn

    What a superb project, well done you. A new twist on the memory book. Great beads too.

    Well done on the crackle, I haven’t grasped the nettle on that one yet. Good for you for getting the hang of it. You are doing just what the challenge intends, use it as a jumping off point to take in your own direction that suits your style. Great job.


    Billie 🙂

  5. Lynn….this is absolutely FANTABULOUS creative play at its very best! I love that you just kept at it and experimenting…and I love both effects. You put all the little “jiggly bits” to perfect use. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing your process with us….what a treasure!

  6. Oh Lynn…It’s absolutely FABULOUS!! Have you done more since posting this? I just love it!! Your crackle is amazing, and I love the title! Your charms and beads and extra bits are all wonderful! Have you been using it? That’s why I finally made one. I loved the idea of using it as a working journal for all my sewing projects…hence the sewing theme. It’s for keeping track of the those things I’m going to be sewing again…eventually! lol So there are all those pockets and lists and pages and envelopes and they’ll all serve a purpose for what I will be using it for! Besides, it was just great fun to put together, right? 😀

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