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Amazing what………

……can be done when the internet connection doesn’t connect for 6 days. Yes six whole days I was without the internet and I was lost; the amount of times, during conversation, the question came up of “I wonder what happened to (enter film/pop star of choice here)?” I hadn’t realised how many times I access the internet for that sort of information and of course I couldn’t; couldn’t check up on my friends; couldn’t post to my own blog and couldn’t visit any of the forums I frequent (otherwise known as wasting time). There were photos waiting to be emailed, oh it was frustrating but I did quite a lot of crafting.

Motel Key

Just before Leslie left home to go back out on the road again she did a video of altering some motel keys. She kindly sent me some; following her instructions of sanding them well I had a play with some of them. The first one I covered both sides with different papers but haven’t got any further with that one. A hole has been punched in the corner with the idea of adding a charm of some sort. The paper I used on the second side is from the inside of an envelope:

inside of envelope

Inspiration may strike of how this key can be finished off. The next two keys have again been sanded and then painted with acrylic paints and crackled with pva glue and then overstamped:

Painted and stamped side one

painted and stamped side 2

The next bit of crafting came about through tidying up! First the cupboard where photo paper is kept was given the once over and the other bit of tidying up was on the computer. Working through the various files,deleting the rubbish, backing up other files I came across the sample photos and fell in love with one of the pics and thought it would make a lovely image on a card. In the photo paper cupboard I rediscovered a packet of metallic foils or printing on and these first two cards are of the image printed onto the silver foil:

silver foil

second silver foil

They were very difficult to photograph because either my reflection could be seen or there was bounce back of light; they do look better in real life!

Here is another one of the same image but printed onto ordinary photo paper…please don’t look too closely at my very wonky matting/layering!

Sample photo

The following is of the insert in all these cards:


Caught in crystal (do you remember that technique?) is one of those techniques that were all the rage for a period with everyone rushing out and buying Johnson’s Floor Klear; wonder how many people still have bottles of this lurking in their cupboards? I never did use this product as I found Anita’s 3D gloss to work just as well and now there is Glossy Accents. When caught in crystal was first in vogue many of the mica based products weren’t around and so I thought I’d give these another go. The stamping is done with Stazon on acetate, on the reverse I used some home made shimmer spritzs and then sprinkled extra mica powders on top, added Glossy Accents and then ‘smooched’ crumpled up white tissue over the top and left it to dry overnight:

caught in crystal

second caught in crystal

Shame the twinkling of the mica doesn’t show up.

This last bit of craftiness was inspired by an article in the last issue of Craft Stamper; in the article Katy Fox used one of the ready made boxes sold under the Ranger label. Mine is constructed from scratch by Rod from oddments of wood, it is approximately 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches). It is covered with tissue paper that I have stamped with various images and some of the paper has been sprayed with home made shimmer spritz, there are some pieces that I acquired when Rod received a fancy bottle of whisky. Wrapped around the bottle was a large sheet of thick tissue paper printed with gold ink.


You can see the fancy paper lining the top left aperture and the bottom middle one. After adhering all the surfaces with tissue paper using pva glue more pva glue (slightly diluted) was then brushed over the top of all the surfaces, when it was all dry several coats of a spray varnish were then put on to help protect the tissue paper. The box is now awaiting a fitting added to the back so that it can be hung on a wall.

slightly different angle


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9 thoughts on “Amazing what………

  1. Oooooh. Aaaaaaah. Amazing!!

    Sorry your Internet was down for six days and you had no notion what was going on outside your world 😦


    I’m glad you had the time to craft. Lovely, brilliant, fantastic. The papers on the first motel key are gorgeous. Now I must confess I am quite partial to the peacock treatment of the second key.

    What in the world is the Johnson Floor Shine treatment?!

    I love your cards with photos printed on the foul paper. Stunning!!

    The pieces you made that are really shiny, the mermaid? and the fish pieces, are they the “updated version” of the Johnson Floor Shine? Beautiful.

    Well done Rod!!! Great box he made for you, Lynn. Love the tissue papers you have used on it. Can’t wait to see the finished item with your little bits to fit in the spaces.

    Thanks for sharing all of these with us :-). Craft envy is what I’m experiencing right now 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

    • Leslie you will soon be in your craft room delighting us all with what you come up with.
      The peacock treatment of those two keys was a base coat of acrylic paint – blue – followed by a coat of pva glue and then a top coat of white tinged with a hint of blue and when all dry stamped with the tail only part of peacock stamps.
      For the caught in crystal technique everyone used Johnson’s floor shine poured over the top of whatever colouring medium was used and then tissue paper added on top but I use glossy accents or any glue that dries clear and it has the same effect of bonding the acetate to the tissue paper and sandwiching mica, glitter or paints in between.
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

      • I guess the floor shine fad had gone over by the time I got into all this. I wonder if the floor wax used in older projects turned yellow with age as it did on the floors long ago.

        I forgot your owl!! I looked back at your post this morning and saw it and remembered how cute I thought it was, still do 🙂

        Oh to be in my craft room….. Soon enough I will be home. Seeing the changes in this craft and where I’ve been left behind.

        Love you – Leslie

  2. Looks like you got a lot done while you were off line! the caught in crystal pieces look lovely and your box turned out beautifully!

  3. The caught in crystal pieces are lovely and I must try this and the motel key.

    • Thanks for visiting Sally. The motel keys came fron an American friend who has loads of them! In her job her and her husband spend a great deal of their time on the road and have to stay at various hotels and motels. These bits of plastic are a little bit smaller than ATCs but great fun.
      I love the look of the caught in crystal technique but then I’m never sure what to do with the finished pieces 🙂

  4. I love the caught in crystal technique too. Can’t you make them into cards? They would be lovely I think.

    • They do indeed make lovely cards Kath but I haven’t yet decided what backgrounds I want to put them on. One day I shall have a lightbulb moment and hey, presto several cards 🙂 Sometimes though I just like playing without an end project in mind, I have several pieces in a box for when inspiration dawns.

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