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Those experimental pieces :)

In my post Experimenting I showed all the pieces of cardstock where I had tried to get to grips – and practise – with a roller ball brayer. The brayer work will never win prizes but I kept the pieces to use for stamping on and perhaps make up card fronts with them.

Here are a few of the pieces I used:


This first piece I stamped the feather (stamp unknown) in Versamark three times and used silver ep, black detail ep and gold detail ep and heat embossed. I cut the card into three and matted onto black cs and edged with a gold pen.

corner stamps

One of the pieces that Leslie said looked like a kaleidoscope! Using a Clarity corner stamp to create a central pattern made it appear like those patterns that show in the bottom of a kaleidoscope! Well that was the intention 🙂 Another Clarity corner stamp used in the four corners. This was matted onto cream cs and edged with a silver pen.

corner stamps

Yet another corner stamp by Clarity; didn’t quite get this centralised on the card! These corner stamps are so versatile and love experimenting with them to see what patterns can be created. This panel is mounted on to navy blue cs (looks black in the photo!) and edged with gold pen.


second dragonflies

The stamp used on these two pieces is quite a large one from The Stamp Man’s Aspects of Design line. These are lovely deeply etched rubber stamps with lots of detail. The first panel is matted on to gold cs and the second one is on black cs edged with gold pen.

I used either Versafine Onyx black or Stazon black ink for the stamping and the panes can either be used as card fronts or as postcards in their own right.

With the stamped images on them it doesn’t matter whether there are any brayer lines on the backgrounds!

Many thanks for looking 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Those experimental pieces :)

  1. OMG!!! These are fantastic!!! So glad I don’t have to choose which I like the best :-). I love the look of all of them!!

    You have used so many techniques on these and each one stands well on its own. I like the graceful feathers you have made. The kaleidoscope piece, stunning by the way, with the corner stamps. Did you have to practice on a scrap before you actually put it on the brayered paper? So intricate and amazing!!

    The triangle corner stamps you made a diamond shape left my mouth hanging open. I had to look closer at the square piece you used corner stamps to make. Fantastic job. These all look like they are one large stamp.

    I love the dragonflies over the sheet music stamp. Simply elegant both of them are.

    Have I left anything out? I’ll have to leave a second comment if I have.

    Lynn, these are all so beautiful. I am totally thrilled that you have done these. You didn’t seem all that thrilled with your results from the brayer experiment from your earlier post. Wow, and double WOW.

    Do you think you will do this again after seeing the end results? Once again, these are amazing and fantastic. Makes me want to give this a try.

    Love you – Leslie

    • You are quite right on two counts Leslie – numero one: no I wasn’t pleased with the brayer work. Some crafters make beautiful pieces with brayer and ink but mine just isn’t consistent and then only 1 out of 10 if I’m lucky 🙂 Numero two: you bet I did practise on scrap paper with those corner stamps! I could use the scrap paper as a decorative paper on something 🙂
      So glad you like them, the stamping totally changes the effect the background has because, I feel, that the eye is no longer concentrating on the background.

      Thank you Girlfriend for leaving such enthusiastic comments
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  2. Hey, bet you didn’t know you made a square card front :-). Well you did and I saw it somewhere in your post. It must have just left for a little bit 🙂

    Seriously, these are amazing!! Great work you have done.

    Love you – Leslie

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