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Paper Artsy have a sheet of rubber stamps (HP1005) that I have wanted for some while now. Especially one in particular, a twiggy hedge with small birds amongst the twigs so when a moo swap with the theme of birds was announced on UK StampersΒ  forum I had the perfect reason (definitely reason and not excuse!) to order the stamps. Whilst perusing the site where, I might add, I could spend a fortune, I found a die to match the larger bird..absolutely perfect! So both these items jumped in my basket.

The service at Paper Artsy is excellent and my order was soon in my hot grubby little hands, those stamps were out of the packaging and mounted on to EZ Mount in short order and play was in progress. The die cuts extremely well and I now have many little bird shapes cut out…these dies are a super way of using up those scraps of card stock that soon mount up. The stamps are deeply etched red rubber with lovely detail, I tried them out with virtually all my inks and the images came out perfect each time.

So whilst stamping away an idea germinated and blossomed; I stamped the larger bird image several times in various colours of inks on to patterned paper…the pattern being on the back of the bird. I then roughly cut out the birds, added an eye to each side, put them into A5 sized laminating pouches and through the laminating machine they went after which I die cut the birds. I punched small holes in the top of the birds with a Silent Setter, put a jump ring through each hole to which I tightly knotted metallic thread and added some beads to the thread. Then I came to a halt, what on earth was I going to use to suspend the birdies from? I did consider going out into the garden to prune some thin stems off the dogwood when, aha I finally remembered a pair of wooden chopsticks I had lurking somewhere. After tracking the chopsticks down and glueing them together at right angles with Glossy Accents I attached the threads to them and hey presto my very own mobile!

first bird mobile

To my knowledge I have never had a mobile before….some sympathy here please as I was obviously deprived as a child πŸ™‚

I went on to use the stamps for the moo swap and then on to other projects but grandchildren arrived at different times and loved the mobile, then came the orders. “Granny do you think you could make me one please and can I have these colours?” How do you ignore those pleading little faces? No, can’t be done so four more bird mobiles have been made only this time there were no more chopsticks from which to suspend the birds however a quick search unearthed some thick metal florists wires, leftovers from our cut flower business. Rod was roped in to solder the wires to which he added a couple of tweaks of his own devising – he turned up the ends and sprayed the wires silver.

stamped, laminated and die cut

This is a few of the birds in the colours chosen by the children, the reverse is a patterned paper of some type.

Birds with beads on thread

This group of six birds is Kim’s selection with light purple beads on gold thread.

Liam's birds

Liam’s colour selection included pink, I think his dad is becoming quite worried so I added blue beads! I am fast running out of places to temporarily hang these mobiles, two of them will be going to their new homes tomorrow.

Hope you liked the mobiles, thanks for looking x


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22 thoughts on “Birdies!

  1. Very lovely Lynn πŸ™‚ How fun to have the birdies swinging and swaying in the soft breeze. Love the beads on the strings too. The chopsticks are brilliant I would not have tought of that. Stampin up has the bird punch it’s smaller but I may just have to give it a try while my computer is away from me. I will have free time to maybe do some crafty projects. I will have some use of Brians computer when he’s not working so I will be able to check on you all. It was great to see you that had posted some new artwork.
    I should have taken your advise and backed up my laptop I have been having a hard time getting everything onto a dvd. There is 3 seperate programs to make dvds with????? I got the message what do you want to do?? UMMMM ….burn this information!!!! lol very frustrating indeed. πŸ™‚ Hope you and Rod have been well. we have had some kind of bug . Jasmine has the spider bite and was sent home from school last week then developed a rash all over her body. We were told its from the virus. So far she is the only one who has it and I hope it stays that way. Well enough about us I need to get my self to bed Mr. Levi is very busy and it takes alot to keep up with the little munchkin. Take care.

    Much Love and Hugs,

    • Hi Shelly and lovely to hear from you. As far as the chopstcks were concerned it was one of those “necessity is the Mother of invention” moments. I rescued those chopsticks a long time ago from someone who had brought them home for some reason and then was about to throw them away so they certainly came to be useful πŸ™‚
      Oh backing up computers is a pain at times and I’ve learnt from experience to do it as I go along. I keep several discs – all labelled – one for craft- all those instructions and images I have downloaded and would never be able to find again, craft photos, etc. Another one for photos but before backing up I create folders for the photos such as grandchildren, garden, etc and then back those up to a dvd and then there are the letters, invoices- the mundane but necessary stuff is put onto another disc and then I just back to the appropriate discs the recent ‘stuff’. Sounds very laborious but I now know so much easier to do than waitin until the darn computer crashes. The other thing I back up is all my bookmarked sites and address book! That information goes onto a memory pen.
      Do hope you don’t have too many bugs this winter and that Jasmine is soon better. It’s about time this cycle of illness is broken…schools have a lot to answer for!! Our grandson Joe seems to have a perpetually snotty nose- yuk! And he never seems to use a tissue either – double yuk! Liam is still having problems with his arm that was broken earlier in the summer and Jill is awaiting the results of the x-rays he had done last week. The bones should have been pinned at the time of setting but weren’t and now it causes him problems when he tries to write – poor little chap. Kim is fine and doing well as is Dylan; he is a little rogue and gets up to all sorts of mischief, some of Dylan’s latest escapades include painting the bedroom wall with toothpaste, ‘washing’ his hair with sun cream, smashing a dozen eggs on the living room carpet, helping himself to a large block of cheese out of the fridge and feeding it to the dog. Jill and Darren have had to put stair gates across the bottom of the stairs to stop him from getting into the upstairs bathroom and another gate across the kitchen door as they were worried he would hurt himself. Liam was never like this!!!
      Rod and I are both well and thank you for asking
      Love and hugs
      Lynn x

  2. Excellent! I’m glad you have been able to fill the void of deprivation after all these years πŸ™‚

    Lynn, your mobiles are delightful. I can imagine the delighted utterances from your grandchildren upon seeing the colorful “Birdies” suspended and moving back and forth.

    The die and the stamp are fantastic finds. How cool is that?! Just like you to have patterned paper on the reverse to add a bit more whimsy plus have the bonus of using left over scraps.

    Looks as though you have had a lot of fun all together. Stamping, laminating, die cutting. Love the beads. Light bouncing and sparkling off the beads adds life to the “birdies”.

    Brilliant idea using the chopsticks to suspend your creation. Tell Rod he did a fantastic job with his contribution. Aren’t we blessed to have problem solvers πŸ™‚

    Love you – Leslie

    • Cripes Leslie I just wrote a saga in reply to Shelly!!
      Thank you kind friend for stopping by and so glad you liked my birdies. I shall have to look for a butterfly dies now and a fairy one if one exists .. Kim would love to have a fairy mobile πŸ™‚ Perhaps my ‘problem solver’ who is a dab hand with that little soldering pen and I ought to go into business making these πŸ™‚
      I used the patterned paper (and some of it was my own creations) because I wanted colour on the reverse side, the bird stamp can’t be reversed although saying that I’ve just had a lightbulb moment! If I warmed up some funky foam and stamped the bird image into the foam would I not have a reversed bird? Would it work I wonder? Or I could try die cutting a piece of foam with the bird die cut and inking up the reverse side, it wouldn’t have the flourish pattern but that won’t matter too much! Hmmmm something to experiment with πŸ™‚
      I did have help with the die cutting of the birds – our grandchildren love that machine and I positioned the die and there was a grandchild on hand to turn the handle!! Team work:)
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

  3. What a lovely idea Lynn! May just have to make one of these for my craft room!
    Alison x

  4. Great way to use the bird die cuts – hope the children enjoy theirs as much as you obviously enjoyed making them!

  5. Love your mobiles. I can imagine your grand-children are delighted with them. A butterfly one would be lovely too. I have a Marianne butterfly die which would be nice for that. Would you like me to cut you some?

  6. Hello Kath and thank you for your lovely comments. That is very kind of you to offer to cut some butterflies for me and I’d love to take you up on your offer. I will pm you πŸ™‚

  7. Oh these are great Lynn ! I can see why the grandchildren wanted their own.
    Inspirational idea which I may well use in the future.
    You are a good enabler too, I’m off to browse Paper Artsy now…………….

  8. I want one of these – brilliant

  9. billiescraftroom on said:

    Great Idea, they look fab.

    You aren’t alone, I didn’t have a mobile either.


    Billie πŸ™‚

  10. These are absolutely stunning – what a joy – and to think that they are all originals too. How lovely it would have been to have a grandmother and grandfather like you two

  11. Love your bird mobile – what a brilliant idea! And the second photo, of the laminated birds laid out makes me think of a Warhol screen print.

  12. love your birdies

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