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Altering dominoes

Just a quick post aimed at Leslie who has never done these before and wants a guide – well Leslie I will show you the better ones and then a bad one!

First of all the side to work on is the one without the dots, this is a great surface to use alcohol inks or any other type of ink. If using anything other than alcohol inks for the background colour then use a heat gun to dry it off before doing anything else.

If you are stamping an image onto the coloured background then Stazon ink is best especially if you intend to glaze the whole domino with Glossy Accents because I discovered that some inks don’t like GA as you can see below!

The slug!

The image started life as a seashell and by the time the GA had finished drying it ended up resembling a slug! In this case I used alcohol inks for the background colour, stamped the seashell in Impress Chocolate dye ink which I zapped with the heat gun, masked the seashell and stamped a script image in Stazon black ink. Now all was fine and dandy until I used the Glossy Accents.

These others turned out okay:

Altered dominoes

I adhered a bail with GA to the top left one so ribbon or a chain could be threaded through and the domino worn as a necklace. You can see in the top right domino how the ‘slug’ should have really looked 🙂 All the other images were stamped with Stazon and all were glazed with GA and some gem stones dropped into the glaze before it dried on the flourish and hot air balloon ones.

Stamping is not an essential for altering dominoes – pieces of patterned paper can be adhered onto the coloured background; images can be embossed with embossing powder; small beads or any charms can be glued on; UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel/powder) can be used and a stamp pushed into the top layer whilst the powder is melted and still hot. There are endless possibilities.

The edges of the dominoes can be covered with tiny beads, edged with gold or silver pen or ribbons & cords. The dominoes can be drilled using any hand drill to make holes for jump rings to be threaded through or charms to be hung from. On the dotty side magnets can fixed for the dominoes to be used as fridge magnets or brooch pins attached.

If you don’t have bails or don’t want to drill holes then a large bead glued on horizontally on the top edge is a good substitute for threading cord, etc through to use the finished domino as a necklace.


I ‘made’ this domino several years ago..I coloured the background with inks and then covered the ink with this slightly transparent image so the yellows would show through. This image was in fact a cover I removed from a cigarette lighter and is a thin plasticised material.

I haven’t yet decided up on what I shall do for my next dominoes but hope these have given you a taster of what can be done. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thanks for reading x

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5 thoughts on “Altering dominoes

  1. Thank you Lynn. Your dominoes are beautiful! You must have a lot of small image stamps. So much detail in the landscape with the house. I’ve gained an assortment of alcohol inks and I do have a Jet Black Staz-On pad. Now to hunt through the rubber stamps that I have and see what is small enough to fit.

    Thank you, very much, for this instruction. I do remember that collage thing you did. I think it is mounted to canvas, if my memory has not failed me. Such a beautiful piece 🙂 You have such bright colors on your dominoes. I am going to be giving this a try. This is fun 😀 I hope more people join in on this.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Although I have used some small image Leslie it isn’t necessary; you can use parts of an image which is very interesting.
      Yes the collage is done on canvas, nothing wrong with your memory Leslie:)
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

      • Another thing that can be done is to stamp images onto tissue paper and glue this onto the coloured background – that is fun to do:)

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

  2. HI Lynn, Awesome dominos. Love the shell one especially and the others are beautiful too. I’m game for this challenge but have a few questions.
    1: I have no alcohol inks but do have several stazon ink pads.
    2: can they be done with modpodge?
    3: what do you do on the dot side if you dont do a magnet or broach?
    Ok that out of the way I have some regular sized ones and a few small ones also so this can be fun.
    Will be excited to see what everybody else come up with.
    Thanks to you and Leslie for the challenges I have not participated in any before but did do some swaps for cards on splitcoaststampers and even made it to a gathering to make cards tons of fun.

    Love and hugs,

    • 1.Any ink or even marker pens can be used to colour the background Shelly but if you use anything other than alcoholic inks or Stazon then give the inks a blast with your heat gun to set the ink as it is being used on a non porous surface and doesn’t readily dry.
      2. I haven’t tried modpodge but don’t see why it won’t work, you just need something to protect your art work although even then it isn’t absolutely necessary.
      3. It isn’t necessary to do anything wth the dot side as the theory is that most people like to show that they can use anything in their art work but you can either cover the dot side with other images on paper, a piece of felt can adhered to that side or a piece of thin cork.

      With very small ones I have seen people turn those into earrings.
      Love and hugs
      Lynn xx

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