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Altering dominoes…basic guide part 2

Love the experimenting Leslie has done so far and can’t wait to see what Shelly and Linda come up with!

Okay so in the last post we covered background colouring and what can be used although only a small part of colouring media has been discussed – I haven’t yet played with paints or clay. I have seen a lovely work of art on dominoes with air dry clay…roll out a layer of clay and press a stamp into the clay. Cut the clay to size and then leave to dry, adhere to the domino and then colour the clay in any way you want. Friendly Plastic is another thing to experiment with but I don’t have any of this material.

Right onto the first domino.. remember the multi coloured with? Promarkers were used to lay down the colour, I then went on to add beads and small seashells:

beads and seashells

I put small amounts of Glossy Accents onto the domino and sprinkled the beads on first…when adding beads lay the domino into a shallow container lined with fabric or kitchen towel to stop the beads bouncing every which way! The shells were collected from the beaches of the Isles of Scilly and I spent ages hunting for the smallest!! I then used Anita’s 3DĀ  Clear Gloss Finish as this is so much cheaper than Glossy Accents.

glazing fluid

It was intended to be used for decoupage but has other uses too.

The Bottle and Denim domino had two leaf charms adhered to it:

Leaf charms

Quite a lot of the background colour can still be seen unlike the multi coloured one..and this is how the leaf domino looks after being glazed:

Leaves glazed

I haven’t yet covered the edges of either of these two dominoes. Onto the two yellow and orange ones; one I stamped with a flower stamp, this is a border stamp so obviously not all of the image fitted onto the domino. I inked up the stamp and left it image side up and then pressed the domino on to the part of the image I wanted:

Yellow and orange inked dominoes

Tiny beads were adhered to the flower centres, a leaf charm added and then the whole was glazed with Anita’s 3D Clear Gloss Finish. The edges of the domino were finished off with a gold metallic pen. A bead was adhered to the top of the domino for a thong or cord to be threaded through. The second yellow and orange domino had a music note image stamped onto it with black Stazon and then a piece of white tissue paper was stamped with a flourish stamp, this tissue paper was then adhered to the domino and once dry the paper was trimmed to size. Close up of the added bead:

bead added

gems added

Above is the tissue paper domino with gems added and then the clear gloss covering it all; these gems are tiny and fiddly and I just placed them in position on top with no adhesive to hold them in place so when the glaze was added two decided to ‘swim’ and flipped over hence the silvery look to two of the gems! I couldn’t persuade them to flip back and gave it up!

Okay onto the pink coloured domino. For this one I stamped a dragonfly image on to the domino with Versamark and then heat embossed with gold detail embossing powder. Glossy Accents was trailed over the body part of the dragonfly and red glitter sprinkled onto the adhesive. Once the adhesive was dry the edges were embossed with gold ep too – one side at a time…don’t forget how heat retentive these dominoes are, ouch! The image was then glazed:

embossed dragonfly

gold embossed edges

For the blue domino I went for simple stamping; I love bird stamps and the one I used on this domino is my favourite at the moment; stamped with Stazon and then a shrink plastic feather added:

birds and feather

Finally the black domino! I decided to do something different again here; I squidged (technical term!) the domino into the Versamark ink pad, sprinkled UTEE over it and heated to melt the crystals, whilst still hot added more UTEE and heated again. I did this four times and then on the last layer and whilst still hot I spooned green glitter over the domino and then a quick blast with the heat gun to let the glitter sink into the UTEE. A fan charm was pressed down into the still warm UTEE and a light covering of glaze once the domino had cooled down. The edges were smeared with adhesive and dipped into the green glitter:

(once) black domino

Hope you will try some of these basic techniques šŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Altering dominoes…basic guide part 2

  1. Looks like the comment I added earlier has not gone through. I’ll try this again šŸ˜€

    I love the dainty sea shell Domino. The teensy shells are beautiful. Amazing how something so small could have such amazing details. I bet you had fond memories of your time with Rod on your vacation to the Isle of Scilly while choosing the shells for this piece šŸ˜€

    The color change on the Bottle and Denim piece when you added the sealer. Striking in the difference. Beautiful piece you’ve created. I really have enjoyed looking at the various treatments you have used on your Dominoes. The charms are lovely and add a touch of whimsy to the pieces, and your shrink film feather – Divine!

    I now feel encouraged to go in my room and putter around once more with the pieces I experimented with earlier. Thank you for this tutorial. I love it.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Leslie. Hope it has helped you! Might have muddied the waters instead šŸ™‚ There is no end of variations to use on the dominoes and they are such fun šŸ™‚
      When I inveigled Rod to help me collect shells I only wanted particular ones! The very tiny ones were found right at the water’s edge. Every day when we went out walking there was always some point when we would be close to a beach so I always went prepared with numerous plastic bags. I now have quite a wide selection šŸ™‚

      Love and hugs
      Lynn x

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  3. Lynn, here is my Altered Domino post. I had a lot of fun making these, thanks to you and your tutorials šŸ˜€

    Love you – Leslie

  4. These are beautiful and having looked at both your posts on this I might just try one, thank you for the very clear instructions. My favourite is the one with the shells.

  5. I am the lucky owner of the gorgeous sea shell domino received through a swap xxx
    They are all lovely, well done xx

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