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New table!

We had a slightly battered old table in our sitting room; it was very useful for slinging all manner of junk into the drawers and the top of it usually carried my crafting overflow as can be seen in the picture below.

Cluttered and battered old wood table

The poor thing was looking fit to be junked so I decided to spruce it up a little. The top was decluttered and I set to work, I didn’t want to just paint it but do something ‘crafty’ and thought I’d have a go at decoupaging it. I already had some printed tissue papers in my hoard but to add variety I pulled out some white, cream and green tissue papers. Some I covered with Moon Shadow Ink – this is a mica based ink – and then stamped images on the tissue paper, some images I gold embossed. Then all the tissue paper was roughly cut into squares and I put similar with similar in pots e.g music and script images in one pot, flowery types in another and so on. Most of the images I used were script, music, birds, flowers and flourishes.

Making a start

The above isn’t a great photo but gives some idea of what I was doing! To attach the squares of tissue paper I used watered down pva glue.

The following photos are of the almost completed table; at this stage I had one leg to complete and since taking these photos (Friday 20th April) I have finally completed it as of this morning!

Almost completed table; just the back right hand leg to finish off.

Close up

As I have finished each section it has had several coats of varnish with the third coat being sanded with fine sandpaper to leave a smooth finish.

As of this morning the final section – the back right hand leg – is now done and except for varnish the table is finally completed! Spending an hour or so here and there this project has taken me approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Altered ATC

Recently on UK Stampers  Lynn (known as Glitter Monkey) came up with the idea of having an altered ATC swap; this was to make an ATC from anything other than cardstock although cardstock could be used on the ATC. I can now show my ‘make’ as my swap partner has received it.

There were some amazing ATCs produced using felt, fused carrier bags, fabric, acetate, mica sheets and budgie feathers! The talent and skill of the piece is fabulous to behold. The theme was an open one.

I decided to make mine from air dry clay

Altered ATC from air dry clay

A piece of clay was rolled out to slightly larger than an ATC and then cut to size, the sides then reminded me of the layers found in puff pastry when it is cut!! I then used a fossil I had found in the garden to create impressions in the clay. I popped the rectangle onto a piece of foil and left it to dry out for a couple of days occasionally turning it to make sure it dried all the way through.

I painted the dried clay with shades of green and blue mica powder mixed with water. Stamped ‘Seashells’ in the top corner with black Stazon. I stamped and cut out a leaf image to mimic seaweed and added a fish that had been stamped onto shrink plastic and shrunk!  Various shells were attached with Glossy Accents as was a shell charm.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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