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Altered ATC

Recently on UK Stampers  Lynn (known as Glitter Monkey) came up with the idea of having an altered ATC swap; this was to make an ATC from anything other than cardstock although cardstock could be used on the ATC. I can now show my ‘make’ as my swap partner has received it.

There were some amazing ATCs produced using felt, fused carrier bags, fabric, acetate, mica sheets and budgie feathers! The talent and skill of the piece is fabulous to behold. The theme was an open one.

I decided to make mine from air dry clay

Altered ATC from air dry clay

A piece of clay was rolled out to slightly larger than an ATC and then cut to size, the sides then reminded me of the layers found in puff pastry when it is cut!! I then used a fossil I had found in the garden to create impressions in the clay. I popped the rectangle onto a piece of foil and left it to dry out for a couple of days occasionally turning it to make sure it dried all the way through.

I painted the dried clay with shades of green and blue mica powder mixed with water. Stamped ‘Seashells’ in the top corner with black Stazon. I stamped and cut out a leaf image to mimic seaweed and added a fish that had been stamped onto shrink plastic and shrunk!  Various shells were attached with Glossy Accents as was a shell charm.

Thanks for looking 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Altered ATC

  1. Awesome ATC you made. Love the colors you added to the clay. I particularly am entranced by the fossil impressions. Cool!!

    Your piece looks like something from an old Jaques Cousteau documentary. Now, I have to ask. Is the cat waiting for the fish to make a wrong move for a scrumptious dinner? Hahaha.

    As I was looking for your fish I found the cat first 😀

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Fantastic wkork of art !! Love the shells and fossil impressions, I just love seeing how others use things at hand in out of the box kinda ways. Love the colors and shrink plastic fish, I have a fair amount of the kind stampin up used to carry and always forget to pull it out and use it. Thanks for the idea too on the air dry clay I need use the stuff in my stash.

    Love & Hugs,

    • Hi Shelly thanks so much for your comments. Joining in the swaps and challenges makes you stretch your imagination. Get your stash out and have a go! It doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting.
      Lynn x

  3. timelesslady on said:

    I’m so glad I found this post. I love ACEO’s and ATC’s. Yours is sensational. I’ve used pressed flowers in the past to make mine. Take care, Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, thank you for visiting and thank you for your comments. Are any of your ATCS on your blog? Hugs
      Lynn x

      • timelesslady on said:

        No, I haven’t made any for years…most of mine were watercolored…a few pressed flowers…I’ve been collecting a lot of flowers this spring so I am hoping to add a few in the coming weeks…I try to blog every day so I can use all the ideas I can find as subject matter.

      • I will follow your blog then and look out for those. Love things created with pressed flowers 🙂

  4. billiescraftroom on said:

    Ohh what a wonderful idea, love your ATC, haddn’t spotted the cat till someone else mentioned it, then went back for another look. This has given me an idea for something I’ll try with clay 🙂



    • Hope the weather soon warms up enough for you have a play with the clay. My lovely cat!! He is my lucky mascot – I hope!! Looking forward to seeing what your idea is Billie 🙂
      Lynn xx

  5. Such a creative piece of art, Lynn! I still haven’t tried and ATC…I’ll have to one day! You’ve packed so much goodness on that little one! Love the shimmer and shine. Did you use Paperclay or something else? Wonderful techniques and great results! 🙂

  6. The base is made from air dry clay Nancy; air dry clay is brilliant as no baking but also the clay is so light once dry and it takes paints and inks beautifully 🙂
    Thank you so much for calling by 🙂

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