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Leslie saw a wonderful piece of artwork on the wall of a washroom she visited whilst on her ‘day job’. She took a photo of this artwork, constructed from metal, and challenged us to come up with something using it as inspiration.

Photo of Circles artwork

Now I would be delighted to have this piece grace one of my walls! It is beautiful. For my challenge piece I chose to use air dry clay and cut two different sizes of circles out of the clay…. approximately 1¾ and 1¼inch diameters…….using uninked rubber stamps I pushed these into the clay to leave good impressions and then put the clay circles onto a piece of aluminium foil left the clay circles to dry for two days.

After the circles had dried I ground to a halt! I couldn’t make up my mind what medium to use to colour them with. Whilst rootling around in the drawer where all my various ink pads are stored I came across a set of drawing inks by Winsor and Newton; I fell in love with the delicious colours, dinky little bottles and boxes of these inks and hardly used them since buying them but they seemed perfect for the clay circles.

Using Peat Brown, Purple (which came out a sort of pinky colour), Ultramarine, Brilliant Green, Deep Red and Black India Ink and a small paintbrush the circles were painted, edged with a gold pen and I rubbed Goldfinger gold green metallic finish (by Daler Rowney) lightly over the patterns just catching the raised surfaces.


painted circles highlighted with Goldfinger green gold metallic paste

I quite surprised myself as I liked how these turned out!!

I thought to make a wall hanging similar to the one Leslie took a photo of so I glued two pieces of mountboard together….I had bought some decent sizes of mountboard from a picture framing shop, the mountboard was all the same useful size and with the edges bevelled.  So two pieces made a very sturdy backdrop for the circles;  a piece of narrow black ribbon was sandwiched between the two pieces and then distress inks were brushed and sponged over the mountboard surface. The colours used were Spiced Marmalade, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain and Antique Linen, a script stamp inked up with Antique Linen was stamped over the inked mountboard, the circles adhered with very strong glue and then the same script stamp inked up with Walnut Stain stamped around the edges (or dropped on as happened on the last stamping!!!!!!)

Circles wall hanging

If you look at the top….and you don’t need to peer closely either…you can see the effect of dropping an inked stamp!!!!!!!  Apart from that boo boo I quite like how it turned out 🙂  The overall size of the piece measures approximately 9¾ x 6¼inches  in old money or 24.5cms x 16 cms.

Thank you for looking x

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5 thoughts on “Circles!

  1. OMG! OMG! This is absolutely stunning!

    I love the colors! I love the impressions! I even love the boo boo 🙂

    You have done a fantastic job creating your very own wall hanging. Now I’d love to know how you got the “halo” effect around your circles. Keeping the inks from straying inside the area.

    Lynn, this is beautiful and something for you to be extremely proud of.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. I enjoyed this challenge Leslie and actually like what I have created 🙂
    To achieve the ‘halo’ effect I just didn’t take any of the darker inks into the centre and only slightly strayed in with the very light Antique Linen distress ink just to give it a hint of colour.
    Yes I can live with the boo boo!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  3. You’ve made a great job of those circles Lynn, they look lovely and a great wall hanging.
    Thanks for your kind wishes. Hugs x fudgebabe

  4. billiescraftroom on said:

    Ohh these are stunning! When I started reading I was thinking card and embossing powder or glossy accents but your idea is so much better. Wonderful result. Good for you

    Best wishes

    I’m not here…I’m blogging ;)…oops

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