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Sneaky peek and other stories!

The problem when your internet is cut several times due to circumstances beyond your control is that getting back into regularly blogging somehow becomes difficult! Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I have been bruiting it abroad that I am working on a large project and that is all the information that has been given so I thought a sneaky peek of an early stage might keep you on tenterhooks for a little while longer. This project came about after watching a very clever artist at work; his name is Tim Coffey and he does some very clever things with cereal boxes and glue guns. My project isn’t a cereal box but is a large piece of wood measuring 49 cms x 39 cms (19.5 inches x 15.5 inches). The images I have used are also from Tim Coffey’s site and are available for free download. So here is stage one:

Sunflower board

I printed off some of the digital images at full size and also resized smaller images; these are just printed out on ordinary printer paper and then cut out. I adhered the images onto the wooden board which has been painted with acrylic paint. The next stage which I will show another time took a heck of a long time to do, used many sticks of glue in a glue gun and caused aching fingers!

Meanwhile I changed direction completely and made these:

Taggie blankies

Some little children have to have a comforter of some sort be it a teddy bear or other soft toy or a blanket however there are other little ‘uns that like labels. Our little grandson had to have a label and he didn’t bother if it was still attached to anything so he would grab a t-shirt or other piece of clothing or a cuddly toy – as long as it had a label that was soft he was happy. From an old sweater I made him a “taggie blankie” – simply a piece of fleecy material folded in half and soft satin ribbons stitched in along the edges. For over a  year that taggie blankie has gone everywhere with him and he can’t sleep without it; recently a young mum noticed the blankie and enquired where it was purchased from. Jill said “my mum made it!” We have seen them for sale and silly prices are asked for them too! £20 seems to be the average price tag – complete madness!

So I have made another two blankies – one for the young mum’s toddler and a spare. This is a great way to use up that store of ribbon. For the ‘body’ of the blankie I have cut up a small fleece blanket; each of the blankie’s measures approximately 24 cm x 19 (9.75 ins x 7.5 inches) once folded in half and stitched.

Ribbons stitched into the edges

Even though these were hand sewn (no sewing machine resides here) they didn’t take long to do.

Right back to cleaning and dusting to make the house look respectful enough as we are expecting an estate agent to come visiting tomorrow! Fingers crossed this will help with the house sale 🙂

Thank you for looking x

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