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Can you tell what is ……


…..yet? As Rolf Harris might have asked!

frame for sunflowers

frame for sunflowers

The frame has been given a coat of gesso, then a coat of green acrylic paint and when all was dry white acrylic paint was ‘streaked’ over with a sponge.

The sunflowers have undergone a change since the last post….

Hot glue flowers that have been gesso-ed

Hot glue flowers that have been gesso-ed

I couldn’t believe how many sticks of glue I needed for this, it was a marathon job! I used 14 sticks of glue in the hot glue gun to go over all the petals and central parts of the flowers. I had to do it in two sessions as my poor fingers did ache! Once all the glue had been added the whole board was painted liberally with gesso and set aside whilst I summon the courage to do the next steps!

flower close up with sig


I knew that cleaned tomato puree tube was going to come in handy one day! I haven’t got a flower die so I used an old medallion stamp to stamp a couple of images on the opened out tube. A tip here…if you decide to use soft metal tubes then open them out after removing the top and bottom, give them a good wash and dry and then flatten them in your die cutting machine.

For these decoration scissors easily cut out the images, one section of the image had been stamped onto handmade backing paper. The flourishes were cut from gold paper and silver mirri board. This decoration is now in place on the frame and looks quite nice!

Thanks for looking x



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6 thoughts on “Can you tell what is ……

  1. Wow! This is truly going to be a fabulous piece! Lots of gorgeous details! My hand is feeling sympathy cramps!

  2. what a lovely screen it is going to be. All that hard work will be worth it.

  3. Simply LOVE the flower and the flourish you hand stamped and cut! It is quite stunning. I see you went all out and hot glued every single line of the sunflowers, unlike Tim Coffee who only did a line or two inside the individual petals. It is no wonder your hand ached!

    Your frame piece is very unique. Your sunflowers will be beautifully displayed in this frame and highlighted by your flower and flourish. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

    I also have to comment on your header photo. Those medallions you made are very stunning grouped together on the display piece you made a few months ago 😀 Very colorful and quite cheery!

    Love you – Leslie

    p.s. Sorry for the delay in commenting. AT&T had a nationwide problem with their internet over the past four days. I haven’t had internet after Saturday when we got home. It is back on, thankfully 😀

    • Actually Leslie if you look very closely I didn’t go over every line only enough to define the petals. The project is completed now but am waiting for Rod to get its new home in order before I am allowed to photograph it in situ 🙂 I am quite pleased with the finished thing, I was quite worried I was going make a dog’s dinner of it! It is very brightly coloured – not my usual style – but for the situation it needed to be bold and bright.

      Those circles make a nice header picture don’t they? Now if you hadn’t inspired with that photo of yours and challenge this piece would never have been made! The finished piece is hanging up in our small spare room as decoration at the moment but when I finally get my own craft room that is where it will be 🙂

      Lynn xx

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