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Drum roll please!!

At last I can unveil the completed fire screen:

completed firescreen

completed firescreen

Click on the image to see a larger version. Sooo was it worth the wait????? It actually proved to be difficult to photograph once all the paint and gold paste had been put on as there was so much light bouncing off it.

The flowers and background were all painted using acrylic paint with the first coat being a wash (diluted paint) then building up the colours. The centres of the flowers were painted with a mix of Raw Umber and White, once that was dry a coat of iridescent medium was brushed over the top.  When all the painting had been done and dried a light coating of  gold Rub ‘n’ Buff was brushed over the top of the outlining glue. It brightens up the otherwise dark and gloomy fire-place.

Thanks for looking x

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5 thoughts on “Drum roll please!!

  1. Lynn…I LOVE it! I have really enjoyed seeing the whole process…thank you for sharing that with us! Hope you are well…

  2. WOW! Your fireplace screen is stunning!!

    Now that I have the internet back on I could take a better look at your fantastic creation on my computer. It really does give cheery life to your empty fireplace with all the bold colors.

    Hope your hands don’t cramp or twinge with a reminder of the hours spent using the glue gun to create this masterpiece as you fondly look upon your work. The people that come to have a look at your home, as it is on the market, will be drawn to your beautiful focal piece! I hope you are as pleased with your results as I am at seeing it!

    Love you – Leslie

  3. The reaction of visitors when they see the fire screen is quite thrilling and then when they have been told that I’ve made it myself and no, we haven’t purchased it is even better 🙂 Some don’t believe the flowers have been created with glue until they touch it!
    I made it deliberately bold to stand out and it does make that area cheerful now. Amazing what can be made from an item that had been consigned to the rubbish heap 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn x

  4. Wow I love it!! What a cool idea and YES! it would brighten up the darkest corner. Beautiful Lynn!!

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