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Advent calendar

I know, I know I have been MIA for too long but truth to tell I haven’t done a huge amount of crafting lately. Our home is up for sale and we have been busy either keeping the house up to scratch or keeping the garden tidy. Then there was all the accumulated junk to sort through and dispose of.  Then joy of joys we had an offer for our property and we had to hot foot it down to Cornwall to house hunt and luckily found a lovely bungalow with a sea view, we put in an offer which was accepted and back home to do yet more sorting ut whilst all the paperwork was being processed. I then started to pack those things that were not going to be used within the next month or so. Two months down the line our buyer pulled out and the world seemed to crash down around our ears! So it is back to housework to keep the place looking loved and tidy but our estate agents, bless ’em, are pulling out all the stops and we have plenty of viewings lined up – fingers crossed we will soon find another buyer who will keep their word.

And so to crafting! Every year our grandchildren are bought advent calendars especially the ones filled with chocolates and it came to mind why didn’t I make them? Sara at Cardmaking Paradise had created a lovely advent calendar based on the sour cream carton (for those of us of a certain age in the UK they look similar to the Jubbly cartons of our childhood!!) so I unearthed all my Christmas papers that I rarely used for card making and proceeded to make 96 little cartons (24 per child!). These I filled with small sweets/chocolates.

Little cartons filled with chocolates and sweets

A very kind forum friend, Marion from Cardmaking Paradise forum sent me her crimper, I used this to ‘ribble’ the ends of the little cartons which gave a lovely professional finish to them. Initially I was going to use die cut numbers on punched out circles but adhering lots of die cut numbers to small circles was a step too far and I printed out the numbers and used a small circle punch to cut those numbers out and stamped a small image on each circle and adhered these to circles of cardstock. Thread was fixed to the small cartons and then to a numbered circle.

Using another template supplied by Sara the outer, larger, cartons were made from plain cardstock for the base and printed pearlescent paper for the outer covering. Each of the larger cartons was filled with 24 small cartons but before filling with the smaller cartons I adhered large chocolate coins to the internal base so that there is something for 25 th December!

showing the larger cartons filled with smaller cartons

The images on the paper used for the outer covers of the larger box were already on my computer, the images were printed onto the gold pearlescent paper. I added extra decoration by using a border punch along the top edge of the large carton.

Another view!

These were great fun to make and add something special to the lead up to Christmas. I’m already coming up with different ideas for next year!!

Please join us at Cardmaking Paradise where there are lots of lovely templates, not only will you join a very friendly crafting community but a donation from your membership is made to Sara’s charity Crafty Smiles bringing crafting to children in hospital.

Thank you for looking x




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6 thoughts on “Advent calendar

  1. This is totally fantastic! The boys and Kim will love getting a sweet treat each night they count down to Christmas. This has been quite a large project good thing I wasn’t there to help you….the little kids would find empty packets because I’d have eaten all the chocolate 😉

    How awesome you were loaned a paper crimper from a fellow card maker on the forum you belong to. Crafting people are the best at sharing….most of the time….that is if they are not a hoarder as I am 🙂

    Good luck to you and the staff at Fine and Country. You will have a buyer in no time and be heading off to the wilds of Cornwall soon 😀

    Love you – Leslie

  2. I was worried there would be empty packets because I was so busy sticking the ends down I’d forget to put the sweetie in there:) But I did fill them all.
    Actually Marion gave me that crimper – she paid the postage too! I’ve yet to meet a unkind or ungenerous crafter.

    Thank you Leslie 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn x

  3. Oh dear! I’m so sorry to hear of all the hectic “to and fro” that you all have been through trying to sell your house and acquire another one! That is so very stressful! Are you still going to be able to have the bungalow with the sea view? That just sounded so lovely….and creatively inspiring! Hope it all gets sorted out soon and that you can begin to settle in the new year.

    Love your advent calendars for the kiddos! So fun….they are going to love these no doubt! Thanks for sharing…Am thinking I might do an abbreviated version for some co-workers….hmmmm – now you’ve done it … you’ve gone and inspired me to add another Christmas project to my list! Thanks for the inspiration! Take care friend!


  4. Lynn – I totally understand how that experience could put you off doing mini-albums! You have enough super creative ideas to keep you busy for a long time – so I wouldn’t push the mini-album project until you decide that it sounds intriguing again! Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Jann

  5. They’re gorgeous Lynn and I wish you a and your family a very smooth transaction down to Cornwall, you lucky lady. Till next time, take care. Big hugs, Poppy and Sam xx

  6. billiescraftroom on said:

    LOVE your advent calendar project. Mines based on Milk cartons this year.

    Bet the family will love opening all the little parcels and you get to choose what goes in them too 🙂

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