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Tick Tock!

One of our grandson’s is learning to tell the time and his little brother loves sheep and chickens so I came up with making a clock which would help with learning but also combine animals and chickens!

Grandsons clock

Grandsons clock

The clock started life as a piece of ratty wood which needed cutting down to size and sanding. It then had a couple of coats of gesso to cover up some stains and various colours of acrylic paints to create the ‘landscape’. A couple of unknown tree stamps and a flower stamp for the ‘grass’ – yes those are flowers not eyes on the grass :). The cockerel on the post was a free stamp from Craft Stamper magazine, this was stamped onto a scrap of white card stock, coloured and cut out. The rest of the images including the fence were sourced from the internet, re-sized,  printed out onto printer paper and cut out then glue into place. The wooden numbers were from a set by Artemio, these were painted but before adhering these I was worried I would end up them being put in the wrong place!

Now I’m sure that if anyone saw me they would have laughed! A great deal of head scratching ensued while I fretted about those darn numbers 🙂 Suddenly my one little brain cell had a brilliant idea! Draw around a dinner plate, cut out the circle, fold the circle in half and the half again to find the centre, open the folded piece out and draw pencil lines along the folds through the centre – are you with me so far??  Now I had to hunt around for a protractor – there are several kicking around the house from the children’s school days – finally tracked one down and this enabled me to mark the rest of the numbers equally! My word this took longer to do than any of the other bits including re-sizing digital images!

Using my template I could adhere those numbers accurately; now I know that there are many crafters who could have eyeballed the darn thing and got those figures in the right place, sadly I’m not one of them. There is also sure to be a much easier way to make that template but what the heck – my method worked! Once those little numbers were glued in place and dry then the whole thing was sprayed with varnish, left to dry and the clock mechanism put into place! Oh and finding the centre of the wood piece to drill a hole was left to my ever faithful DH to work out before I did my artistic bit LOL.

Once last thing that quite tickles our sense of humour which at times lies in the gutter – our youngest grandson who thinks sheep are marvellous refers to horned sheep as horny sheep lol.

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