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Second post of the day!!

Just thought I’d show off one or two items I have been dabbling with. Whilst trawling through the Youtube videos I came across Fiona Jennings (just in case the link doesn’t work she goes under the name of  Jennings 644). Fi does lots of altered art, makes some wonderful miniature items and creates flowers from ribbons, lace and beads. So using a few ideas gleaned from her I had a go. First though I needed to purchase a better hot glue gun with a finer ‘point’; my first purchase from Amazon was a Stanley dual glue gun which melted the glue sticks and discharged them from the rear end! Back it went and Amazon were very quick at refunding my money and postage costs and I ordered a Rapid Point glue gun – this is a fab mini gun and works a treat. To make the beaded flowers you do need a finer pointed glue gun.

bead flowers

bead flowers

I couldn’t find an online store, initially, that sold the finer strings of pearls and two Cardmaking Paradise forum friends came to the rescue – Kaye in Australia and Heike in Germany – don’t you just love the craft community who willingly give generously? Many thanks to Heike and Kaye. Another CP forum friend, Maggie, put me onto an online store that does sell the strings, it is The Ribbon Girl who give fantastic service.

The centres of the beaded ‘flowers’ are filled with paper roses, earrings no longer used – the red rose and big pearl, a badge (green flower) and some material flowers.

The next flowers are created with wired ribbon, lace trim and then various old earrings, flowers or pearls

ribbon and lace flowers

ribbon and lace flowers

ribbon and lace flowers

ribbon and lace flowers

Thank you for looking x



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5 thoughts on “Second post of the day!!

  1. Lynn…I enjoyed BOTH of your posts today! So much fun…will definitely have to have a go at your beaded flowers…LOVE them!

  2. I am going to try these as well Lynn. I just love what you have done with them…. fabulous.

  3. Totally gorgeous Lynn, truly inspirational xxx

  4. These fabric flowers are beautiful! So delicate and dainty they are. You have done a fantastic job on these after being inspired by Miss Jennings. I have watched some of her videos and she has quite a lot of creativity bursting from her fingertips.

    Happy to hear you have found a glue gun that is right for you. Stunning flowers you have made – simply stunning.

    Love you – Leslie

  5. Your bead flowers are gorgeous! Love the ribbon and lace ones too, but I’ve never seen the bead ones before! You did a fabulous job on all of them! 🙂
    (ps. I didn’t know glue guns had a back end! lol I like that!)

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