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Keys received :)

In my last post I showed the keys I had altered for the Cardmaking Paradise Key Swap for Jan/Feb of this year. Here are the beautiful keys I received back.

First is from Patsy of Ireland, she used a small gold key with a heart shaped top:

Patsy's key

Patsy’s key

Patsy decorated her key with small pink gems along the ‘shaft’ of the key then added gold cord and purple beads to the heart shape and a dangling charm made up of several metal discs decorated with holographic purple/blue sequins and flowers. A very pretty key.


Lainey chose an old door key, as did I, for one of her swaps and she made a lovely holder for it too. Lainey has an eye for detail in everything she creates.

Lainey's key

Lainey’s key

I think Lainey used alcohol ink to colour her key, she then wrapped wire around it – far more neatly than I could have achieved! I love the small ornamental key added to the beads to make a dangly charm.

Lainey's key holder

Lainey’s key holder

back of Lainey's key holder

back of Lainey’s key holder

Isn’t that key holder a lovely finishing detail?

This swap was great fun and certainly encouraged many of us out of our comfort zone. The next swap is a decorated coaster, this will be another interesting one. Perhaps we will see you there!

Thank you for looking x







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4 thoughts on “Keys received :)

  1. Oooo…loved seeing the other keys! Thanks for sharing!

    Hey…no response from our friend yet…will keep trying!

  2. Wow, what a fab swap!
    Can I find any old keys anywhere . . . nope.
    Big hugs Lynn xxx

  3. Oh Lynn they are beautiful!!

  4. What a fun idea for a swap! These keys you received are beautiful! 🙂

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