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Postcard Swap

For some months now I have participated in a postcard swap on the UK  Stampers forum; some of the makes for the swap have been well within my capabilities but just occasionally Sam slips a blinder through that is a tad outside my comfort zone! It is all good fun though and there are few rules; as it is a stamping forum then stamping must appear somewhere on the postcard, postcards are approximately 6 x 4 inches but don’t have to be rectangular but they must be able to go through the postal system ‘naked’ – that is without an envelope so any embellishments must be well adhered but participants tend to keep the cards as flat as possible.

There isn’t a theme for this month – we can do whatever we want so I went with a grid postcard:

March 2013 Postcard for UKS swap

March 2013 Postcard for UKS swap

I was lucky enough to win some plates of Art Journey’s stamps so I gave one or two of those stamps an outing on this card! I used Versamagic Chalk Inks Red Magic and Mango Madness for the background colours, the stamps were inked with Memento Potter’s Clay and Archival Jet Black. The whole card was edged with Potter’s Clay to finish it off.

For February’s postcard swap Sam came up with Getting Emotional which really threw me in a spin! After much head scratching I went with a sad/happy card and found the theatrical mask on the internet and resized it. One half of the card shows a grey, rainy day with a happy spring time on the other half – a good compromise!

February 2013 Swap 'Getting Emotional'

February 2013 Swap ‘Getting Emotional’


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6 thoughts on “Postcard Swap

  1. What an interesting swap and I just love your finished post cards. The second one is such a clever idea. Reallythinking outside the box.

  2. I always love your postcards! How lucky are you to win some Art Journey rubber? . . . Very! I’ve never used the grid method so will have to give that a try, wonderful inspiration, shall email you soon Lynn, till then take care, big hugs from Poppy and me xxx

  3. Two fab postcards! Tinaxx

  4. I love, love, love your postcards -they are so vibrant.

  5. Your postcards are really lovely, Lynn! You were the one that taught me that fabulous grid technique, and your postcard displays it beautifully! I love the pretty colours you used.
    The emotion one is great too! I like the two masks in the center, clearly depicting the two emotions. I think you’ve had quite a bit of that rainy weather but Spring is right around the corner! 🙂

  6. Sorry for the delay in commenting. Crazy things happening in my world right now.

    I LOVE your postcards. I’m more partial to the patchwork or grid one you did because you made a video of how to do it and you sent me a Flag Book featuring this technique. I really like your split one as well. The stamps you have used are fantastic!

    Love you – Leslie

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