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Based on….

Loosely based on Mondrian's painting

Loosely based on Mondrian’s painting

I rarely CASE or copy someone else’s work although I might use an idea based on that work however when I saw a card created by Susan Raihala on her blog back in 2011 it struck a chord.  I saved an image of that card for all this time hoping to do something with it one day. I had never heard of Mondrian before Susan’s blog so that took me on a magical mystery tour of the man and his art. To think that he once painted landscapes and then turned to very rigid, full of straight line, work is odd in a way. Landscapes are rarely filled with straight lines. Yet somehow I can understand his fascination.

In my line of work, now a hobby/chore, of gardening there are occasionally enforced straight lines but in its natural state gardens are flowing spaces filled with flowing shapes that bend and billow yet in art I just love the rigidity of those straight lines and colour blocks; I think they speak to my tidy side!

To create her card Susan used a ‘ribbon’ stamp for the black lines however I don’t have a straight line stamp so I cut 0.5 cm strips of black card and glued them down. Unusually I did not use measurements or ruler to line the strips up (as you can probably see). My attempts at straightness are a bit of a joke.  I have ideas for recreating this style on something larger in the future 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Based on….

  1. Love, love, LOVE this card! You are right. .. the straight lines and color block just draw us in! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow Lynn, I like this too. Love the remark about the tidy side… lol I totally understand that. I do have a tidy side but it is well hidden most of the time. Ha ha ha… I really am drawn to the red and black so simple but so much stated by it.
    XO April

  3. Yes Lynn. I can also understand your comment about your “tidy side”. Very interesting concept for a card. I do like it a lot. Kayexx

  4. Oh, Lynn!!! It’s absolutely FABULOUS! Yes, the organization of it all definitely appeals to me. Yet there’s a very creative randomness to it all! Beautiful work, my friend! 🙂

  5. This is a fantastic card. I like the black lines separating the white space. The pops of yellow, red, and blue break up the solid white very well. I didn’t notice crooked lines. This is just plain awesome.

    Love you – Leslie

  6. Scrapmate on said:

    This is wonderful and truly looks like Mondrian’s work. His stuff is so basic but so fascinating to look at. I love what you’ve done. Susan’s blog is one I follow regularly and find lots of inspirational ideas from. I love how she explains the thought behind the placement of items. It comes naturally to some but unfortunately not to me.

  7. That is really effective – and I’m sure it’s more striking with strips of colour than stamped colour. There was a Grand Designs programme recently where the people had a German ‘flat pack’ ish house put together, and the owner made some artwork in this style to go with it. x

  8. This is stunning , it reminds me of a beautiful stained glass window. Don’t know why I am not getting auto notifications about your blog posts. Hmmmm I’ll have to check it out in blogger see what’s happened

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