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Taggy Blankie

These ‘taggy blankets’ or ‘blankies’ were totally new to me until recent years. I thought our grandson was a strange chap wanting only the soft pliable tags or labels appended to soft toys as a comforter however I was soon put right about that and discovered that there are many children who have this fetish! I made two taggy blankies, one as a spare, for our grandson a couple of years ago which helped to use up some of my store of ribbon and had orders for more including one for a puppy!

When our latest grandson was born 3 weeks ago I thought I’d better make another one in case this latest arrival had the same likes as his elder brother. When I made the previous taggy blankies I stitched them all by hand, after all they are quite small and soon made, but I was given a baby electric sewing machine and wanted some practise on using it – I’ve never had an electric sewing machine so I was concerned about sewing straight lines!

This blankie was made from two pieces of fleece which has a giraffe pattern on it – our daughter has a ‘thing’ about giraffes at the moment – satin ribbon from my stash and a little time!

fleece taggy blankie

fleece taggy blankie

And this is the little chap it was made for, here he is at a few hours old with his proud brothers

Two proud brothers welcoming baby brother

Two proud brothers welcoming baby brother

Two weeks later sharing quality time with dad!!

Would you gess this little chap was only 2 weeks old????

Would you guess this little chap was only 2 weeks old????

Thank you for looking x



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11 thoughts on “Taggy Blankie

  1. superbe bébé 2 semaines c il est adorable bise raymonde

  2. timelesslady on said:

    I have a new grand-daughter and her parents just bought her a “taggy”toy. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me that I could make one myself. I babysit for her two days a week. I’m searching through my fabric stash and ribbons today. I can’t wait to put one together. Thanks for the great blog post and good idea. Kathy

  3. Lovely Lynn! XXX’S and OOO’S for the babies ;-X All of them! I’m so glad mine still like loves. lol They do outgrow it after a time..

  4. Wow what an alert little chappy he is sitting up there taking it all in Lynn , gorgeous and what a wonderful idea those taggie blankets are Must say I had never heard of them but then I am still living in hope of a grandchild from my daughter and all the others have grown past that stage now. K xx

  5. Oh Lynn…my nephew was the same way! Wish I had known about taggy blankets…I will definitely put this in my “baby gift” idea bag as I now realize that there are lots of kiddos that find comfort in the little tags! What a little cuties your grandsons are! Snuggle the little one for me…nothing like new baby sounds and scents! Just lovely!!

  6. What a coincicdence as you say – both of us having the same thing to blog about. My word this baby has a strong back at two weeks old. Beautiful little chap.

  7. OMG totally adorable, you must be about to burst with pride. Big hugs for you all from Poppy and me xxx XXX xxx

  8. What a handsome bunch of boys. Wow the baby is so alert and strong to be setting up like that. Love your little blankie. Congratulations to you and your family on the new addition. Hope you are all well. Take care 🙂
    Love and hugs

  9. Sorry Lynn. I thought I had left a comment but it looks like I had not done so. Your grandsons are so adorable. The three of them together makes me want to wrap them all in hugs 😀 Daddy looks non the worse for wear in having sleepless nights. The baby sitting up so straight at two weeks and so alert, that is quite incredible.

    Your tag blanket looks very soft. All those ribbons sticking out look ideal for bitty hands to wrap around and give the blankie a good shake. I read you had received a non electric sewing machine. Looks like it did what you wanted it to do in a splendid way.

    Thanks for reminding me to get back over here 😀

    Love you – Leslie

  10. That’s such a lovely photo of your Grandson’s all together! I love the new blankie too! 🙂 x

  11. Sheelagh on said:

    What a gorgeous little baby and so strong! Brilliant idea, both my children used tags from their cot cover and toys to rub between fingers (until they disappeared) and my daughter used to tickle her nose, then months later she would just flutter her eyelashes against the label until she fell asleep. How weird is that. Needless to say 42 years later she has grown out of it Ha Ha.

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