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This old house!

We have all seen those beautifully crafted shadow boxes/printers trays available from many craft stores and a certain auction site; well I have looked at many of them and thought how much I would like one or six of them! With Christmas approaching I decided I would do something similar for my sister who loves this type of thing and she also appreciates hand made, I love my sister!

During one of my can’t -get-to sleep periods, which happen all too frequently these days, I mulled over the idea of constructing one of these printers tray type thingies from scratch. I didn’t have enough strong chipboard or grey board but remembered I did have some pieces of mount board that I bought from a picture framer’s shop several years ago and had not done anything with it.

This is a work in progress and here it is so far:

A work in progress, half completed house box!

A work in progress, half completed house box!

As a change this has not seen a coat of paint at all, I set myself the added challenge of using scraps of paper instead. As I rarely use paper for card making I don’t buy it very often but I do have a wallet of scraps from other projects; there are so many gorgeous papers on sale and I love paper but my eyes are always averted from the paper pads when shopping for other craft items! Much of the paper here comes from free papers, some digital, scraps saved from envelopes and the scrap copier paper that gets covered in ink and stamping when card or ATC making and I have finally found a use for it!

I roughly sketched out the house shape and sections on the mount board – pencil marks can be seen in the bottom half

pencil marks galore

pencil marks galore

Another piece of mount board was used for the outside edge pieces and any glue residue hidden behind the paper coverings.



close up of papers

close up of papers

Paper was then adhered to each back wall section before adhering the uprights – again covered with paper. The tree section is from copier paper when testing out different inks for a Mail Art Swap!

papers used for the back of the house

papers used for the back of the house

There wasn’t quite enough of one design to entirely cover the back and side pieces so two designer sheets were used with the roof part being covered with a piece of printer paper sprayed with blue and gold inks. So far so okay, fingers crossed this project gets completed without too much more swearing because my measurements weren’t accurate enough or I had forgotten to take additions of other pieces of uprights into the equation!! Surprising how a millimetre or two can make all the difference!

Thank you for looking x








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5 thoughts on “This old house!

  1. This project is turning out beautifully! Now I understand the “swearing”. Your partitions are many, and delightfully designed. The complicated math involved to get everything placed just so would be a major headache for me.

    For not having design papers for this project you are making the best of what you have. All the coloring and stamping you have done is fabulous.

    Your sister will love this gift.

    Love you my friend – Leslie

  2. How clever are you for making your own shadow box. I would love to see the finished project and I am sure your sister is going to just love it Kxx

    • Wow Lynn – you have really excelled at this. It’s awesome. What size is your house box? You have such patience. Was it fiddly sticking all the sections in and the partitions. Your sister is going to be over the moon with her unique present – well done.

      • Dearest Lottie thank you so much for your support as always šŸ™‚ The house dimensions are 24 cms (9.75 ins) tall and 16cms (6.25 ins) wide, the size of the pieces of Mountboard that I have!! It wasn’t fiddly sticking all the pieces into place once I did three things initially – 1) attach all the outside pieces and cover with paper; 2) put the paper pieces on the inside back piece and 3) cover the intersecting pieces with paper before gluing into place!! I cut out all the pieces before I started with the paper and marked them so I didn’t have to remember where they had to go. It was only at the final pieces that I had to shave some of them down as some of the paper was thicker and therefore took up more space. You are clever enough to do it!! If I make another one I wouldn’t put so many sections in as these are quite small and it would have been nice to have had a couple of taller sections.
        Lynn xx

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