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Surprise for the postie

On Cardmaking Paradise we had a swap of a different nature. Mail Art! This was a new thing for me and it was great fun, can you imagine what some of the postal staff thought when they saw this highly coloured pieces of art passing through the system? There were no rules to this swap, we all decided on what size envelopes we wished to use although one thing that was kept in mind was that some of this Mail Art would be travelling abroad as some of the members of Cardmaking Paradise reside in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, USA, Spain, Portugal as well as the UK.

One other thing that I didn’t do (because it never occurred to me) but others did is to insert a piece of card inside the envelope to strengthen it before sealing the envelope – bear in mind that these envelopes are not meant to be opened!

These are the ones I created for the swap:

First Mail Art

First Mail Art

Back of first envelope

Back of first envelope

Second envelope

Second envelope

back of second envelope

back of second envelope

Third envelope

Third envelope

back of third envelope

back of third envelope

So many different stamps and inks were used including Distress Inks, VersaMagic Ink and Archival Ink.

This was such fun and so have a go!

Thank you for looking x


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4 thoughts on “Surprise for the postie

  1. Susanne on said:

    I can confirm that the Mail Art envelopes were super fun to do. Lynne, they are all brilliant. My favorite of the three has to be your second one, as it ticks all the boxes for me – I really love this yummy shabby chic look, the colours are fab and the stamps you have chosen are beautiful – vintage clocks and hand-writing along with calligraphy nips and a meaningful quote – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    • Wow – these are stunning Lynn. Your work is absolutely brilliant. Mail art is fun isn’t it. I really enjoyed this swap and can’t wait to do more after the Christmas holidays. I put a bit of thin card in my envelopes – I don’t think that going cardless would have made much difference, although it might during the Christmas hols rush with the volume of mail.

      Where did you get your stamped name stamp from? It’s lovely.

  2. I lost this post. I was set to leave a comment on it when you first posted it and it disappeared on me. Thankfully I found it. My most favorite is your second one. The one with the clock faces. I love all the bright colors and the imagery. The next favorite is the sort of Andy Warhol type of thing you did with the image of the lady in a hat. I love the colors. I like the first one. I have to admit the floating copse of trees had me a bit baffled as to what you were getting at.

    Great job on a fun challenge.

    Love you my friend – Leslie

    • Rofl at your comment Leslie that you didn’t ‘get’ the floating copse!! I couldn’t ‘ground’ the group of trees any more but they ‘represent’ a group of trees in the background! It is an autumn scene!
      Thank you for your other comments though đŸ™‚
      Lynn xx

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