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This Old House is now completed!

Unusually for me I am actually quite pleased with how this turned out! It isn’t 100% perfect but it does look good imho!

Completed House

Completed House

Following are some close up sections showing the various elements in each of the little niches:



At the very top of the attic are two owls peering out with a small mulberry paper rose alongside. Above them is a small cabochon with a paper butterfly adhered on the back. Below the owls on the right is a basket of flowers and next to that is a pile of ‘vinyl’ records; all the types of items that might be relegated to the attic!



Two buttons form the clock on the wall with a sand timer and paper rose; next comes a pile of books on a small section, below them are some wooden beads and a mixture of leaves and small silver beads. A small feathered robin with several loose feathers ‘stuffed’ around him with a music cleft adhered on the wall behind him. Below the robin is a teddy bear, a small clay face (donated by Lottie), a found piece of blue pottery and a small glass vial. The beaded ‘flower’ is handmade. In the large right hand section is a handmade pin of flowers, clay button and lace with several charms -key, postcard and buttons.

Bottom section

Bottom section

From right to left – two small bottles filled with seed beads; a found cone (found in my garden!) together with some toadstools from Wild Orchid Crafts and a small clay butterfly button courtesy of Lottie! In the left hand side the shells and white pieces are from my own beach combing collection together with several charms.

close up of clock

close up of clock

A close up of the clock; the small clock was a button from which I removed the shank and adhered the button onto a black scalloped button.

This was such fun to make and decorate, I now need to make a few more purchases and find a few more items to make another one!

Thank you for looking x


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7 thoughts on “This Old House is now completed!

  1. I haven’t been able to leave a comment until now for some reason. What a beautiful house. So many interesting little bits and pieces and lots of memories of where they all came from I am sure. Beautiful work Lynn. Kxx

  2. What an absolutely stunning house box of treasures Lynn. I really should follow your lead and put together a treasure trove from my bits and pieces that I don’t know what to use them for. I have lots of little bits just languishing unloved and forgotten

    Your work is truly inspiring and I absolutely love it”

  3. Scrapmate on said:

    Wow you finished it and it is completely all your own work. What an amazing achievement. I hope you have a special place in your home to display it. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas break, thanks for all your support and comments throughout the year. All the best for 2014.

  4. Wowzers! This house box is amazing! You made it all yourself, each individual space and everything. I love the look of each “room” and the trinket things you have put in them. This is BRILLIANT. I’m happy to learn that your sister is over the moon about it as well. Well done!
    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you Leslie. I had so much fun creating this house and deciding what to put where. The only things I bought specially were the little glass bottles which I filled with beads.

      Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Lovely work Lynn! I could get lost looking at all the little nooks and hidden charms hidden in your house. I can just imagine the creatures that call such a place home. (My husband thinks I’m weird because I think like that, but hey – everything has a story!) Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. This is just amazing Lynn. So much detail in each little room. What a labor of love and a special gift to receive. Hope you and Rod are well.

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