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Cute Easter boxes

Easter was never an occasion that we, as a family, swapped gifts. We gave little chocolate treats to our children and that was it but it seems that these days the children are inundated with eggs of every description! Our younger grandchildren are not overly keen on chocolate yet are given a huge pile of chocolate eggs that their mothers end up using as toppings for cakes. So I thought I’d do something simple for the little ‘uns and so made these origami boxes with a cover created from Centura Pearl card from Crafters Companion

Easter boxes sig

Just added some cute furry critters on top courtesy of Tesco together with a name tag and filled with sweeties. Job done!

Thanks for looking x


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6 thoughts on “Cute Easter boxes

  1. Oh these are just delightful and I can just picture your little grandchildren’s face when they see them and when they open them. Much better than a shop bought egg!

  2. Gorgeous little boxes Lynn Kx

  3. I enjoy looking at the box you made me long ago. Your grandchildren will really enjoy the fuzzy little bunnies and chicks you have attached to the box tops. These are adorable. And the bonus is they are personalized 😀

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you Leslie. I enjoy making boxes of all shapes and sizes just not great at making them from scratch and having to work out dimensions – I’ll leave that bit to someone like you who seems to enjoy the challenge 😀
      Hugs Lynn xx

  4. These are so much nicer than an egg off the supermarket shelf. Well done Grandma!


  5. Hope you had a lovely Easter time?
    Those little bunnies are the cutest things!!! They are wonderful little boxes, bet they were loved!
    Big hugs from Poppy and me xxx

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