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Is this recycling?



Have you ever had a series of coincidences that trigger ideas? I had three such coincidences that triggered the above idea. The first was whilst clearing up some branches in the shrubbery a couple of months ago. I had cut down a shrub the previous year and left all the roughly cut branches in a pile and in early March this year decided that the area needed tidying up. Whilst dismantling and carting away the branches I discovered a beautiful mossy nest tucked away amongst the wood, a nest built the previous year. I carefully removed the nest and put it to one side then totally forgot to take it indoors. The following day there was no sign of the nest and we can only think other birds did their own bit of recycling.

A  week later out shopping with my sister in Bridgenorth we popped into a few ‘antique’ shops and I fell in love with some granite eggs. The colours and markings were beautiful so I bought five of them.

Third coincidence was that on Nikki Gillette’s blog I read how she had preserved a nest. I went looking for another abandoned nest around our garden and remembered a blackbird nesting in the shrub by the porch door! It needed some tidying up and I sprayed it liberally inside and out with a spray adhesive. It is stuck fast to a piece of greyboard so that it sits nicely on the table, added the eggs and a few pieces of broken china (also discovered in the garden) and now we have a very natural decoration!


Thanks for looking x


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7 thoughts on “Is this recycling?

  1. I love it when things like that happen, you know they are definitely meant to be!
    I like Nikki’s blog but I LOVE your nest and those granite eggs are perfect.
    Enjoy the sunshine xx

  2. Love, love, LOVE it!!! Can I feature it on my blog as inspiration from one of the pieces I made? It turned out so beautifully!!!

  3. Happy coincidences! Your treasures are delightfully on display and a rich story to go along with it all. This is a beautiful bit of recycling 😀

    Love you – Leslie

  4. Beautiful recycling Lyn. Kxx

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  6. lottie on said:

    Wow Lynn – this is absolutely stunning – what a brilliant idea to use spray on glue. I have been tempted in the past to recycle nests but was always worried about any ‘bugs’ or mites.

  7. I’m all for recycling and this a fabulous idea, Lynn.

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