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Revisiting scrap box

Embossed background

Embossed background

Just recently I was unsuccessfully trying to put the lid onto my scrap box, the box was so stuffed full of card that the lid was never realistically going to go on. In frustration I decided to have sort out and came across several pieces of card that had either been embossed – testing out a new embossing folder – or had been brushed over with inks. The card was of a decent size so I put those pieces to one side while the rest of the box was sorted and its contents reduced!

Having nothing better to do at that time I was inspired to make those pieces of card into card fronts and came up with several cards that will come in handy for those birthdays that suddenly come around although they are clearly marked on the calendar!

second birthday card sig

third birthday card sigfirst birthday card sig

In creating these cards I also had the chance to use up some coloured card stock that I seem to have loads of but never use. The background colours of the front pieces lent themselves to being mounted on coloured card bases. For the inside of the card I added a thick white printer paper and then used two newish stamps for a greeting.

inside birthday card sig

In the flurry of inspired card making I didn’t check the finished card sizes and now realize I don’t have any envelopes to fit! Envelope making is now on the to-do list.

Thank you for looking x


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6 thoughts on “Revisiting scrap box

  1. Oh Lynn, LOL I have done that too. Thought it was only me. ha ha…
    I adore the birds and cage. You do such a nice job with them every time.
    xo April

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I love the cards that you have made and you must feel pleased to have some cards on tap for when you need something quickly. I have done this too in the past and it’s a great feeing when the cards are done. Right now I have a box of bits ‘n bobs that needs going through, but I don’t have time to do so at present, but will do eventually.
    Warmest best wishes,

  3. Lovely cards Lynn Love those birds. Hope you and yours are well. Kxx

  4. Loving your spontaneity Lynn, they’re gorgeous 🙂
    Wishing you a lovely sunny weekend,
    Big hugs from Poppy and I and little Jack too xxxXXXxxx

  5. Scrapmate on said:

    These cards are gorgeous and it will be well worth taking the time to make envelopes for them. It’s a win win situation – you have some cards ready now and you have used some of your scraps.

  6. Sheel on said:

    Lovely cards Lynn, very useful as you are now prepared, cute little birds too.

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