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Q & L #12

It is the end of the fortnight for the quotes and lyrics number 12 of the Craft Barn challenge and I have finally got mine done! Here is the link for all the details on how to join in with this challenge.

The two words for number 12 are Proud and/or Vintage. Two songs came to mind for Proud and I dithered for a while over which one to use but finally settled on Indian Reservation sung by Paul Revere and the Raiders, a hit in 1971 but  also like the Don Fardon version of 1968, the words are slightly different in the earlier song.



The image came from this site and depicts the Native Americans on the ‘Trail of Tears where thousands died.


Image from internet (see above)

Ink – Distress Ink Dusty Concord

Pen Touch Calligraphy pen Gold

Lyrics computer generated



Another image downloaded from the internet together with a quote from John Steinbeck:



Hunting for a good quote for Vintage took some time and they were mostly wine based so I was quite pleased to find this one although I chose to ‘dress it up’ as  wine based. Not sure what happened in the photographing stage as the ‘bottle of wine’ has come out much lighter than it is in real life!


Inks Versacolor Fresh Green and Old Rose

Archival Jet Black

Pen Touch Calligraphy Gold

Fine liner in black.

Marvey Le Plume pens

Stamps were gifted and are unknown make to me


Thanks for looking x




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22 thoughts on “Q & L #12

  1. Such wonderful sentiments. I am especially moved by your ‘Trail of Tears’ tribute. Looking back at the way natives were treated by invading forces during the time of imperialism (The way the US treated the American Indians, and the Belgium Government and the people of the Congo, and the role of Brittan in global slave trade) is unfathomable in my mind. How people were (and still are to some extent) so willing to overlook and actually embrace oppression of those deemed ‘of lesser status’. We’ve come a long way, but we have a long way still to go.

  2. Whoa, you spun the wheel on my “Way back machine” in my memories with that song from Paul Revere and the Raiders. I used to get in so much trouble because I blasted that song throughout the house. I like the image you have selected for your “Proud” piece.

    I also like what you have done with your “Vintage” piece as well. You are so creative with these challenges and I enjoy seeing what you do.

    Love you – Leslie

  3. Lynn, gorgeous job on both pieces. Brings back lots of memories too. LOL
    Lovely as usual. xoxo Nana April

  4. twinkletoes2day on said:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous image and the song is fabulous.
    The vintage piece is beautiful 😀

  5. Love both projects – the first image is poignant and the lyric so fitting! The second I too struggled with vintage, and love John Steinbeck’s novels – great appropriate quote and lovely portrayal! So Glad I’m not the only one who has written a quote wrong! Gorgeous creations of both words, Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

  6. I remember when I was an undergrad, I took a class and learned that all the stories I’d heard or read about the native Americans were mostly fabricated. That’s when I learned about the Trail of Tears and how they were relocated to Oklahoma. Such a travesty, but well done with your lyrics.

    And of course, I enjoyed the quote by Steinbeck. I remember reading that book when I was in high school. Wow, what memories you have brought back for me with these two entries.

    • Your proud piece is very thought provoking, and alas the lessons have still not been learnt. But your image and quote make an impressive piece. Love yor vintage quote too, those vines are definitely heavily laden lol

    • It comes as a shock doesn’t it having our bubbles pricked? I am learning so much history just now and wonder why we taught this subject so badly at school! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment xx

  7. Debbie on said:

    Both are excellent! I actually remember the Paul Revere version being on the radio all the time when I was a kid. Classic Steinbeck!

  8. Sorry I’m so late! Two great pieces and fab quotes xx

  9. Both pieces are fabulous.

  10. Wow absolutely fabulous

  11. Love your tribute to the Native American Indians Lynn 🙂
    Rain is on it’s way I’ve been told so I hope you have enjoyed your garden this week. Poppy and I have been busy and we have some turf to lay so may wait a while now!!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, big hugs from Poppy and me xxxXXXxxx

  12. carol from kiwi land on said:

    Great quotes and depictions. I must be a ‘baby’ because I don’t know the songs. ohh well.;) I have to admit vintage and wine always go together for me – can’t imagine why. Lol. Just catching up as I go along for commenting.

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