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Craft Barn are not only running the Alpha/Dictionary fortnightly challenge but also a Weekly Challenge! This week’s challenge is Hats! There are fabulous entries so far which make my attempt look very poor however there is no time to have another go so here is my entry:

Weekly Challenge - hats a

It has been created for a small mannequin; I die cut black felt in two different sizes. The crown has been spread over half a small polystyrene hollowed out ball and glued into place. Before adding the inside circle of felt to cover up the workings a fringe of lace was hot glued into place. Decorations are string beads, ostrich feathers and paper roses which have been in my stash for so long!

Thank you for looking x


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3 thoughts on “Hats

  1. Wow, it is a real hat! How lovely that will look on a mannequin. What a great idea for the “hat” challenge.

  2. This is lovely, not a poor attempt at all! Reminds me of my Dolls House days. Thank you for entering The Craft Barn Weekly Challenge.
    Jane x

  3. That would turn a few heads in Penzance! A great take on the challenge, Lynn.

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