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Q is for…..

Quilt. This is my entry for the Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary challenge Now ‘Q’ isn’t one of the easiest letters at first sight however there many fabulous entries so far linked to the Craft Barn challenge page (follow the link above) and they made me wish I had been a bit imaginative.

For my entry I decided to go for Quilt and dutifully stitched a miniature quilt, I know my sewing won’t win any prizes; unless it’s a booby prize?!

Dictionary 02-16 Q sig

The background is black card stock cut at 4 x 4 inches, stamped with an unknown simple flower stamp and clear embossing ink and then various colours of mica powder brushed over the stamped images. The flower centres are gold candi dots and half flat backed pearls to the quilt.


Fabric scraps and toy filling, white thread

Tsukineko clear embossing ink

Mica powders

flat backed Pearls

Candi dots

Thanks for looking x



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3 thoughts on “Q is for…..

  1. Lynn, I must ask for your forgiveness. I had abandoned you and your friendship so long ago, I am ashamed to admit. I am sorry for that.

    I have been reading your current posts and am pleased to know that you and Rod have been able to relocate to the area you had so wished to live. I truly hope you are enjoying your new home.

    I particularly enjoyed your “Hat” challenge piece. A very delightful entry for the Craft Barn challenge. You are in your crafting space and creating delights….your Block Challenge piece, the Triplet piece, and now your newest creation of the Quilt piece.

    I look forward to seeing more of your creations while hoping you are settling in well to your new surroundings and home.

    Hugs – Leslie

  2. Well done on the quilt – your sewing skills are much better than mine.

  3. How cool is it?! A gorgeous idea.

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