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Why gardenpinks? That came about because DH and I had a plant nursery for many years and specialised in growing Pinks (Dianthus family) – well DH specialised in Pinks, I grew everything else! The plant nursery was based at our home.
We also worked in and planned other folks gardens and grew cottage garden flowers for cutting; we sold many bunches of flowers per week and would have orders for special arrangements and bouquets. When we retired from all that we had more time to grow the plants and flowers we wanted in our garden, I took up papercrafts – mainly card making – and DH turned to writing. We also read a great deal, talk a great deal and enjoy the company of family and friends. Through crafting I have “met” some wonderful intenet friends.
I hope you will drop by whenever you can, you will always be most welcome.
Hugs x

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  1. Hey Lynn…

    I did some research and I think the product that is the US equivalent is made by Helmar and are called Liquid Scrap Dots…here is a link to it on

    I haven’t used them personally….but I am going to try them based on what you shared and what I read while I was looking around over here for you. They look pretty cool and would be awesome for mixed media…thanks for providing me with some motivation to try something new! Have a great week! Hugs, Jann

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