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New table!

We had a slightly battered old table in our sitting room; it was very useful for slinging all manner of junk into the drawers and the top of it usually carried my crafting overflow as can be seen in the picture below.

Cluttered and battered old wood table

The poor thing was looking fit to be junked so I decided to spruce it up a little. The top was decluttered and I set to work, I didn’t want to just paint it but do something ‘crafty’ and thought I’d have a go at decoupaging it. I already had some printed tissue papers in my hoard but to add variety I pulled out some white, cream and green tissue papers. Some I covered with Moon Shadow Ink – this is a mica based ink – and then stamped images on the tissue paper, some images I gold embossed. Then all the tissue paper was roughly cut into squares and I put similar with similar in pots e.g music and script images in one pot, flowery types in another and so on. Most of the images I used were script, music, birds, flowers and flourishes.

Making a start

The above isn’t a great photo but gives some idea of what I was doing! To attach the squares of tissue paper I used watered down pva glue.

The following photos are of the almost completed table; at this stage I had one leg to complete and since taking these photos (Friday 20th April) I have finally completed it as of this morning!

Almost completed table; just the back right hand leg to finish off.

Close up

As I have finished each section it has had several coats of varnish with the third coat being sanded with fine sandpaper to leave a smooth finish.

As of this morning the final section – the back right hand leg – is now done and except for varnish the table is finally completed! Spending an hour or so here and there this project has taken me approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Thanks for looking 🙂

Card Case

Heading the members page of Cardmaking Paradise is this paragraph:- “Template Heaven.  Become a member and make cards that stand out from the crowd whether you are a beginner or expert.

Our projects come with clear step by step instructions, and PDF templates  for those that cut by hand, and SVG, GSD, MTC and STUDIO files for those with cutting machines.”

There are so many wonderful templates for shaped cards e.g. Wheelbarrow, Wellington Boots, ice-skating Boots, Hearts, Teddy, Mask, Dress Form, Tractor, Briefcase, Wallet, and the list goes on. There is so much to choose from you will never be at a loss for a shaped card and Sara adds to that ever growing list regularly. On the Cardmaking Paradise Forum there is also a regular swap and Sara sets a regular challenge too just to keep us all on our toes 🙂 If there is a particular shape you would like or have an idea for a template then email Sara and she will come up with something.

Heike over in Germany wanted a mask shape for a particular event and in a short space of time Sara came up with the template and then set a challenge to use it for the rest of the members! I was looking for Arches and very quickly Sara came up with 4 designs – a very generous lady.

Another of Sara’s templates on the Cardmaking Paradise members site was for card cases – either single or double. Finding this template came just at the right time for me as I wanted some Thank You gifts and these make lovely gifts.

These have been shown before on my blog but were buried! This is the single case:

Single card case

I had just received some new stamps so I was able to use them on this project! Love those little birds. Into this card case went 10 postcard sized cards plus envelopes which are quick to make; the case has four small but strong magnets to close the case.

Postcard size cards for single case

Some of the lines on the cards look wavy but in real life they are straight!

The double card case:

Double card case

Making these cases is also a good way of using up some of that hoard of paper, the paper covers card stock. This case uses ribbon as a closure.

inside of double case

For this case I used a mixture of postcard sized cards and some folded cards plus envelopes:

folded cards for double card case

What I find strange is then receiving one of this cards to thank me for the gift!

Thanks for looking x


Paper Artsy have a sheet of rubber stamps (HP1005) that I have wanted for some while now. Especially one in particular, a twiggy hedge with small birds amongst the twigs so when a moo swap with the theme of birds was announced on UK Stampers  forum I had the perfect reason (definitely reason and not excuse!) to order the stamps. Whilst perusing the site where, I might add, I could spend a fortune, I found a die to match the larger bird..absolutely perfect! So both these items jumped in my basket.

The service at Paper Artsy is excellent and my order was soon in my hot grubby little hands, those stamps were out of the packaging and mounted on to EZ Mount in short order and play was in progress. The die cuts extremely well and I now have many little bird shapes cut out…these dies are a super way of using up those scraps of card stock that soon mount up. The stamps are deeply etched red rubber with lovely detail, I tried them out with virtually all my inks and the images came out perfect each time.

So whilst stamping away an idea germinated and blossomed; I stamped the larger bird image several times in various colours of inks on to patterned paper…the pattern being on the back of the bird. I then roughly cut out the birds, added an eye to each side, put them into A5 sized laminating pouches and through the laminating machine they went after which I die cut the birds. I punched small holes in the top of the birds with a Silent Setter, put a jump ring through each hole to which I tightly knotted metallic thread and added some beads to the thread. Then I came to a halt, what on earth was I going to use to suspend the birdies from? I did consider going out into the garden to prune some thin stems off the dogwood when, aha I finally remembered a pair of wooden chopsticks I had lurking somewhere. After tracking the chopsticks down and glueing them together at right angles with Glossy Accents I attached the threads to them and hey presto my very own mobile!

first bird mobile

To my knowledge I have never had a mobile before….some sympathy here please as I was obviously deprived as a child 🙂

I went on to use the stamps for the moo swap and then on to other projects but grandchildren arrived at different times and loved the mobile, then came the orders. “Granny do you think you could make me one please and can I have these colours?” How do you ignore those pleading little faces? No, can’t be done so four more bird mobiles have been made only this time there were no more chopsticks from which to suspend the birds however a quick search unearthed some thick metal florists wires, leftovers from our cut flower business. Rod was roped in to solder the wires to which he added a couple of tweaks of his own devising – he turned up the ends and sprayed the wires silver.

stamped, laminated and die cut

This is a few of the birds in the colours chosen by the children, the reverse is a patterned paper of some type.

Birds with beads on thread

This group of six birds is Kim’s selection with light purple beads on gold thread.

Liam's birds

Liam’s colour selection included pink, I think his dad is becoming quite worried so I added blue beads! I am fast running out of places to temporarily hang these mobiles, two of them will be going to their new homes tomorrow.

Hope you liked the mobiles, thanks for looking x

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