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Canvas Collage


Some time ago, whilst grocery shopping, I saw some small canvases for sale. An aside here for my overseas friends..over here in the UK there are some supermarkets (e.g. Lidl, Aldi) that not only sell groceries but are renowned for the other items they occasionally offer such as craft items, office items, shoes, plants, etc and I was shopping in one of these when I spotted the canvases..phew!

Size wise, from memory as I am too lazy to go and measure one, they are roughly 9 x 12 inches and were very good value. So I bought a pack of two and promptly put them away in a cupboard and there they languished until two lovely ladies inspired me to hunt out these canvases; one lady by the name of Billie had one of her Virtual Crafting Challenges for July and August all about paint. Now Billie is very enthusiastic about painting and sketching which I know I am not brilliant at – hey a woman has to know her limitations (as Clint Eastwood might have said!) but I can slap a bit of paint around now and again. The other inspirational lady is Leslie have to visit her blog to see how creative she is …. Leslie can see crafty uses in many things such as a circuit board or picture frame. I see a picture frame and think “Oh yes there is a photo that would fit in that one” but Leslie sees a picture frame and thinks “Oh yes I’ll make a clock out of that”!! Now that is inspired creativity.

Anyhow these two ladies between them enthused me to try something a bit different and back we come to the Canvas Collage. I slapped some acrylic paint on the canvas itself; there is a mixture of colours here but mainly a hint of Burnt Umber mixed with white and then a dash of gold acrylic paint added here and there. The covering is not even and that is deliberate.. now this is quite hard for me to do as I would normally cover the surface with an even coat of paint so I went outside my comfort zone a tad here and just painted in a sort of distressed style letting some of the orignal canvas show through. Around the edges I smeared some light blue acrylic paint and then whilst the paint was drying I pondered on what to do next.

Now I don’t know about you but I have a collection of ‘found’ objects; some I have found whilst gardening other things whilst rummaging around in boxes at jumble sale type events. These are items that catch my eye and then wonder what I’m going to do with them and usually end up popping them into a box however that box was emptied out and I rediscovered these ‘found’ treasures and thought they would make lovely additions to my collage.

Found tile

This lovely little tile was found when I was digging in one of the flower beds. I have no idea what it came off or where it came from but it is pretty and very small – less than half inch square. The blue ‘squiggles’ are stylised flowers.

Found wooden button





A sweet wooden button I came across when rummaging around in a box at a car boot sale or jumble sale .. forget which now … that was lying in my ‘treasure’ box. It depicts blackberries and is quite cute.


Postcard from Italy


Postcard from Italy showing a stone sculpture of a reposing lady; the sculpture is in a wooded area.  Just wish we could afford to have sculptures like this in our garden!



I decorated this domino a while ago and I bet you will never guess what it is covered with nor where the piece under the domino came from… give up? It is a sticky backed transparent cover off a cigarette lighter! I have several of these covers in various colours and designs; one day having little to occupy my fingers I started picking at the corner of the covering on a lighter and it came off cleanly. I edged the domino with gold pen.


hand made paper

Not sure if you can see this corner piece of hand made paper very clearly but this is just copier paper, the stamp used is Penny Black’s Chantilly Lace; a very large background stamp. I stamped in Versamark and embossed with silver embossing powder and then coloured with inks and removed excess ink from the embossing. This was the last piece of this particular handmade designed paper.

stamped vellum

A large collage stamp on vellum and embossed with white detail ep, it was cut out and laid onto a hand made tag.

charms & feather

Just like it says on the tin! A feather shaped charm and one feather gathered whilst out walking together with various beads. The white piece of ‘stone’ was collected off a beach; it isn’t actually stone – not actually sure what it is but it is very light and worn with pits in its surface.


Another one of those items collected on my travels…I have no idea where this dictionary saying came from, I came across it one day hidden in a drawer of crafty ‘stuff’ and it was so apt for this whole canvas. So many items on here were either ‘unearthed’, ‘located’, found or uncovered – a most serendipitous find! I wish I could ‘happen upon’ more of these dictionary labels.

Thanks for getting this far 🙂



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