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Been a while!

Just don’t know what is going on with me these days but I can’t get a good routine going for blogging! Once upon a time it was easy; exactly the same is happening with my crafting time, I am not spending enough time in my crafting den and it all should be so much easier these days because I have my very own space. No longer do I have to clear the craft things away to get the computer out or put away craft stash and computer because I fancy writing a letter! Is it because life is too easy now? Or something else? Answers on a postcard please 🙂

I have been crafting a little and I have plenty of ideas chasing around in what passes for a brain.

bird cage sig

I created this book fold called a bird cage after watching many videos on Youtube about book folding and cutting. I should have kept more books when we moved! I used Graphic 45 papers on the inside of the covers and added some feathers that one of our one neighbours gave me, her late husband used to make his own fishing flies and these feathers had been languishing in a drawer. The colours in the feathers are gorgeous.

I made two little birds to sit on the top of the bird cage; I used a PaperArtsy stamp for the image and then adhered some feather filaments to create the tails however I made the mistake of leaving the book on a low table and our little pesky dog pinched one of the birds!!bird cage 2

The book was a nature book full of colour photos hence some of the colour on the folded pages, I enhanced the colours with various shades of gilding wax in blue and gold.

There are a few more ideas for folded books on the back burner!

Thank you for looking x


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