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Dominoes…basic guide to altering part 1

I have taken 6 white dominoes and a small black plastic domino to alter and share how I have set about the job! On all the dominoes we are working on the plain side; I’ve used a selection of inks and markers to create the background. This first picture (sorry about it being out of focus) shows them all together to give some idea of the size of the black domino!


Now here they are individually:


The above one was coloured with Promarkers (similar to Copics but much, much cheaper); as these are alcohol ink based they dried without any assistance.

The next dominoes had alcohol inks splodged (good technical term!) onto the surface. How much splodging is done changes the patterning. I found that if the ink was sponged on then it tended to wipe off the shiny surface hence splodging or dabbing..which ever technical term you want to use 🙂

Bottle & Denim alcohol inks

Yellow & orange alcohol inks

The following one has had VersaMagic chalk ink sponged on using cut ‘n’ dry; this ink won’t dry on its own so needs to be dried off with a heat gun. Note of caution here – when using the heat gun, the dominoes retain the heat for sometime so be very careful especially when using embossing powder/UTEE!

pinks - Versa Magic chalk ink

The final white one was coloured with a dye based ink, Whisper Royal Blue, and again needed to be dried with a heat gun.

Whisper dye base ink - Royal Blue

At this stage I had not done anything with the black domino but will show that in part 2!

It isn’t necessary to colour the edges of the dominoes but, of course, if you want to then carry on. Anything goes!

Hope this has given you some ideas so far 🙂

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