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Christmas Wreath

Our two daughters spend quite a time making various decorations for Christmas, something I once used to do but haven’t made any new ones for some years however I was inspired after seeing the photographs one daughter sent to us. She had made not one wreath but two! The first one was a ribbon wreath and looked very festive and attractive but as this one couldn’t be hung on the outside door she decided to make another one with baubles.

I chose to go down a different route with mine; I had been sorting out our huge collection of books and had several piles put ready for recycling and they gave me the idea for the wreath I made! Pages from the Reader’s Digest condensed book were used for the first two rows and a smaller novel provided the inner row.

wreath with sig

Paper cones to make a wreath

I adhered the paper cones to a very large piece of sturdy cardboard using PVA glue. When all was dry then the papers were sprayed lightly with various shimmery mists.

baubles added with hot glue gun

baubles added with hot glue gun

This is the stage the wreath is at just now. What I have in mind to do is to cover another large piece of cardboard with red wrapping paper as a background for the wreath before hanging this on a wall. This turned out to be bigger than I anticipated! It certainly makes a statement and is a great way to recycle unwanted books.

Thanks for looking 🙂


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