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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2012 is kind to you.

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, what is the point when they all revert to normal behaviour in very short order? However I have made a promise to myself to take part in more crafty swaps and challenges with the hope that I will be lifted out of the crafting rut I sometimes get into.

The first challenge of the year has been set by Leslie ; Leslie professes to have a fear of flowers in her crafting but if you look through her blog you would never guess this. Leslie has set the challenge to make something incorporating flowers and, my especial challenge, ribbon. I love the colours and textures of ribbon but it is one of those materials that I have difficulty using particularly on a card. On odd occasions a piece of ribbon might find its way onto a card but it isn’t something I immediately turn to if I feel extra adornment is required. When I add ribbon it looks like a badly thought out after thought, never the elegant touch some crafters manage to achieve so I rarely use it except if I am making a wallet or small book then it has its uses as a closure.

So rising to the challenge with the aid of a bit of a cheat I came up with this:

with ribbon!

The cheat bit that comes into play is that this card was made almost 12 months ago (see here). I was never totally happy with it as it never looked complete but didn’t quite know what it needed so it has languished in a box since. Today I added a ribbon bow and some simple stick pins and now it looks…erm…totally unsatisfactory. I wouldn’t dream of sending this to anyone! A very bad after thought! I fiddled about with that scrap of ribbon for ages and what a waste of time. The ribbon roses are fine and the card certainly needed something but not ribbon.

Conclusion? I am quite happy not to use my stash of ribbon on cards in the same way that I have accepted that flowers, bling, glitter, designer paper, embellishments, etc are just not my thing even though I love them all. Other people use these things with flair and style and I admire what can be achieved but why fight with something you are not totally comfortable with? So this could be a New Year’s resolution (I’m female therefore it is my prerogative to change my mind!) – just say NO. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and enjoy the crafting journey and as Steve Jobs said listen to your own inner voice.

So now for something else. I had the need to make a couple of New Year gifts and send some Thank You cards out so whilst making the thank you cards, which, by the way are just stamped and framed post card type thingies. I then printed out a template (courtesy of Sara Sandberg at Cardmaking Paradise) onto cardstock to make some wallets to hold a selection of cards to give as gifts and it gave me the chance to play with some new stamps purchased with vouchers I had received at Christmas.

Front of double walletPlease note the ribbon!! In this case I used it as a closure for the wallet so on occasions I concede ribbon is very useful 🙂

inside flaps

Also please note the use of designer paper! Again I can use these things just not so much on cards.

back of double wallet

So that is the double wallet and now to the single one!

Single card wallet

Oh I love those little birdies on branches! They are by a company called cART-US and the use of a small ‘c’ is deliberate. The birdcage is also by the same company. The ‘just a note’ stamp is by Docrafts. Love that pen image.

post cards

There are 10 post cards and envelopes for each wallet and 5 single layer cards and envelopes added to the double wallet.

single layer cards for double wallet

I am just waiting for some magnetic closures for the single wallet and both these are ready to be posted.

Thanks for reading for my drivel x

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