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Destined to be a clock!

Our son-in-law now and again has some interesting scrap in his scrap box and when I saw a pile of clutch plates – don’t ask any technical stuff because I don’t know; the men in the family said in that blokey all-knowing way clutch plates – I saw clocks. So I rescued three of them and wished I had collected the lot, too late now though.

clutch plates

clutch plates

Just in case, like me, you had no idea what a clutch plate looks like here is one! Although the one I used is slightly different.


I knew I had a round canvas bought from The Works last year that would be a good size to work for what I had in mind but I had a false start.

false start

false start

I thought torn paper adhered around the edges would be a good base but less than half way round I changed my mind. Didn’t like it at all so the paper was soaked off and a rethink; while I was thinking about what to do I got the paints out and put various colours onto the canvas.

painted canvas

painted canvas

By the way the canvas is the size of a very large dinner plate. The paints I used were white acrylic and a mix of pearlised paints. The metal clutch plate was also given some paint and then before it had dried completely most of it was wiped away. I also coloured two wooden pieces of birds on branches using ink pads and marker pens, the wooden bird cage was covered in Versamark and gilded ivory mixed with gold detail embossing powder, then heat embossed.

clutch plate

clutch plate. Centre image is stamped on tissue paper and coloured with pencils with a rub-on quote

So here is the painted clutch plate! The beauty of this particular plate us that it has 12 external lugs so perfect for a clock. The lugs have been painted with gold paint and the rest of the plate has had pearlised blue paint wiped on.

This is how it looks almost finished, needs a clock mechanism to finish it off.

completed canvas

completed canvas

A few spotlighted details of the canvas:


bird on branch

bird on branch


stamped birds on feathers and skeleton leaves

stamped birds on feathers and skeleton leaves

handmade blue flower, quote stamped on tissue

handmade blue flower, quote stamped on tissue, rub-on flourishes and paper roses


paper roses, rub-on flourish, birds stamped on tissue, rub-on flower and hand made pearl 'flower'

paper roses, rub-on flourish, birds stamped on tissue, rub-on flower and hand made pearl ‘flower’

wood birdcage emboosed with gilded ivory ep, small feather and rub-on quote

wood birdcage embossed with gilded ivory ep, small feather and rub-on quote

piece of twig with chain for birdcage, wood bird on branch, feather made from shrink plastic

piece of twig with chain for birdcage, wood bird on branch, feather made from shrink plastic

And finally


leave stamped in various coloured inks and flying birds

leave stamped in various coloured inks and flying birds

Thank you for looking x















Altered wooden words

I’m sure you have all seen those wooden words that seem to be everywhere; they usually come as a blank for anyone nifty with their hands to turn into a decorated masterpiece. Like many I have hankered after some of these words, I could see them painted, stamped upon and hanging on a wall so I was very pleased when our daughter ordered some from a wholesaler. There was a whole range of sizes from the small ones measuring around 12 inches long or less right up to the huge ones of nearly 24 inches long and around 15 inches tall.

We thought that crafters would love to get their hands on these but when they were on sale on our daughter’s stand many folk were stumped about what to do. Oh if the words were already decorated then these folk would buy them! So we set to decorate them; I had a 14 days and ten words to do something with and my mind went blank. I could think of ideas of what I would like but would the general public like the same thing??

The blank wood was in fact MDF (medium density fibreboard), usually this is very smooth and takes paint well but these shapes had been laser cut and I soon found that paint would not flow onto the surface easily or smoothly. The heat created by laser cutting had brought the resin to the surface causing a resist especially along the edges. All the pieces had to be sanded with fine sand paper, wiped down and a couple of coats of gesso then painted over all surfaces. Using gesso was a learning curve in itself…it is a sticky medium that is not very opaque, it dries very quickly and it gives a ‘tooth’ to the surface which meant that when applying paint over the top the paint didn’t go on as smoothly as I expected. I was fast hating these wood shapes!

The first one I completed I decided to cover with stamped tissue to overcome the streaked look of the paint; this was one of the huge words!

Base coat of gesso with pink acrylic paint and then covered with stamped tissue

This one didn’t turn out so badly and soon found a new home plus I had an order for a different colourway for a girl’s bedroom…phew!

Not wishing to do the same for all the word shapes I had to come up with another idea and for the next two HOME words I decided to sponge paint on to avoid brush marks and streaks and do some stamping:

Acrylic paint sponged on and stamped using Stazon ink

Similar to above

These words would be considered to be in the mid range size – round 12 inches long by around 10 inches tall. The most fiddly bits to paint were the edges as these two words were approximately 1/4 inch thick and there were too many edges! On these I used the same shades of paint for the edges as were on the surfaces so I didn’t have to worry if my hand slipped 🙂

I abandoned doing any stamping on these two shapes although if they had been destined for my home I would have done some stamping on them but felt that perhaps the general public wouldn’t like it so went with a crackle theme. Diluted PVA was used to create the crackle effects and, again, the paint was sponged on for the base coat and brushed on top of the PVA glue.

Diluted PVA glue was used between the coats of paint to achieve the crackle effect.

I still have a humongous word shape to complete – DREAM – to date it has been sanded, a coat of gesso and white acrylic paint sponged on, to finish I am inclining towards inking it in shades of pink and then stamping fairies all over it…but I might change my mind!! The words for my own use are still languishing in their naked state and one day, perhaps, I will do something with them 🙂

Have you done anything with these word shapes? Would love to see, leave me a link in the comments section.

Thank you looking x

Amazing what………

……can be done when the internet connection doesn’t connect for 6 days. Yes six whole days I was without the internet and I was lost; the amount of times, during conversation, the question came up of “I wonder what happened to (enter film/pop star of choice here)?” I hadn’t realised how many times I access the internet for that sort of information and of course I couldn’t; couldn’t check up on my friends; couldn’t post to my own blog and couldn’t visit any of the forums I frequent (otherwise known as wasting time). There were photos waiting to be emailed, oh it was frustrating but I did quite a lot of crafting.

Motel Key

Just before Leslie left home to go back out on the road again she did a video of altering some motel keys. She kindly sent me some; following her instructions of sanding them well I had a play with some of them. The first one I covered both sides with different papers but haven’t got any further with that one. A hole has been punched in the corner with the idea of adding a charm of some sort. The paper I used on the second side is from the inside of an envelope:

inside of envelope

Inspiration may strike of how this key can be finished off. The next two keys have again been sanded and then painted with acrylic paints and crackled with pva glue and then overstamped:

Painted and stamped side one

painted and stamped side 2

The next bit of crafting came about through tidying up! First the cupboard where photo paper is kept was given the once over and the other bit of tidying up was on the computer. Working through the various files,deleting the rubbish, backing up other files I came across the sample photos and fell in love with one of the pics and thought it would make a lovely image on a card. In the photo paper cupboard I rediscovered a packet of metallic foils or printing on and these first two cards are of the image printed onto the silver foil:

silver foil

second silver foil

They were very difficult to photograph because either my reflection could be seen or there was bounce back of light; they do look better in real life!

Here is another one of the same image but printed onto ordinary photo paper…please don’t look too closely at my very wonky matting/layering!

Sample photo

The following is of the insert in all these cards:


Caught in crystal (do you remember that technique?) is one of those techniques that were all the rage for a period with everyone rushing out and buying Johnson’s Floor Klear; wonder how many people still have bottles of this lurking in their cupboards? I never did use this product as I found Anita’s 3D gloss to work just as well and now there is Glossy Accents. When caught in crystal was first in vogue many of the mica based products weren’t around and so I thought I’d give these another go. The stamping is done with Stazon on acetate, on the reverse I used some home made shimmer spritzs and then sprinkled extra mica powders on top, added Glossy Accents and then ‘smooched’ crumpled up white tissue over the top and left it to dry overnight:

caught in crystal

second caught in crystal

Shame the twinkling of the mica doesn’t show up.

This last bit of craftiness was inspired by an article in the last issue of Craft Stamper; in the article Katy Fox used one of the ready made boxes sold under the Ranger label. Mine is constructed from scratch by Rod from oddments of wood, it is approximately 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches). It is covered with tissue paper that I have stamped with various images and some of the paper has been sprayed with home made shimmer spritz, there are some pieces that I acquired when Rod received a fancy bottle of whisky. Wrapped around the bottle was a large sheet of thick tissue paper printed with gold ink.


You can see the fancy paper lining the top left aperture and the bottom middle one. After adhering all the surfaces with tissue paper using pva glue more pva glue (slightly diluted) was then brushed over the top of all the surfaces, when it was all dry several coats of a spray varnish were then put on to help protect the tissue paper. The box is now awaiting a fitting added to the back so that it can be hung on a wall.

slightly different angle

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