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Uk Stamper’s ATC Swap

For a moment or six my brain (or what passes for my brain) had a block over this month’s theme for the UK Stamper’s ATC Swap, Vonny came up with ‘Opposites’. Various ideas flashed through that poor overworked and overloaded brain cell but no inspiration dawned until a couple of days ago whilst rifling through a box of cards I had made many moons ago. Languishing in the box was a card I had made using an idea gleaned from Barbara Grey of Clarity Stamps, aha I had my idea for the ATC Swap!

ATC Swap 'Opposites'

ATC Swap ‘Opposites’

I have had this feather stamp for many years and have no idea of the name of the manufacturer – anyone know?

Normally for the swap we make three ATCs but this month we are doing four. Vonny has been organising and hosting the swap for quite some time now and an excellent job she makes of it too. Thank you Vonny!


Black and white cardstock

Versamark embossing ink

Black and white detail embossing powder

Feather stamp

Thank you for looking x



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