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Q&L #11

I’m making sure I don’t leave things to the last minute this time! Over on Craft Barn the quotes and lyrics words are Mountain and/or Mistake. I couldn’t come up a song other than the Marvin Gaye/Diana Ross “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and thought that might be used by others so for this challenge I have used an oft repeated quote for mountain and an excerpt from a Robert Frost poem for mistake.


Making a mountain out of a molehill

Making a mountain out of a molehill

Not sure why this photo has come a strange colour! That there mountain is really green and so are the trees. I did some ‘research’ on this saying and came up with some interesting snippets which I will now bore you all with! There is a bit of a contention over whom first coined this phrase – William Caxton in 1484 or Nicholas Udall in 1548. Nicholas Udall was a cleric, school master and playwright in the 16th century however he was also a translator and during his translation of Erasmus he came across another simile and added “…..and a mountaine of a mollehill” to that simile.

The word ‘mole’ had only been in existence for approximately 200 years at the time of Udall’s writings before that the Old English name was ‘wand’ which gradually changed to ‘want’ or ‘wantitump’ (just love that name, it is still used in some parts of the UK). During the various changes ‘moldewarp’ came into use meaning ‘earth thrower’ . During the time of Henry 8th and the various rebellions arising in York many of the rebels called Henry ‘Moldewarp’!  Anyway enough history for now and back to the present.



Inks – Versamagic Hint of Pesto, Spanish Olive, Aegean Blue, Ocean Depth

Stamps – Inkylicious Take Flight

Cute Companions -grass

                 Art Impressions – trees

    Indigoblu  – Craft Stamper free stamp.



Stopping by Woods - Robert Frost

Stopping by Woods – Robert Frost

I am not a huge poetry fan but I do like Robert Frost’s poetry, it is so simple and very understandable.


Inks – Brilliance Galaxy Gold

             Versamagic Aegean Blue

Black fine liner pen

Sakura Gelly Roll clear

Thank you for looking x


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